Father claimed Child Benefit fraudulently

March 20, 2013

Well where do i begin, back in 1992/3 i claim Income Support as a single mother and wanted my husband to pay CSA. They dropped the case as he was rude and threatening them and whenever they found his place of work he left the job.

In December 2005 he stole the kids from me and and i looked for them till 2011 when my youngest contact me. He had not been living with his father since December of 2010 when they argued and was thrown out of the house. He was not in full time education. His father was claim Child Benefit fraudulantly and getting CSA payments too. I have made complaints by phone email and letters. I also got my sons MP to write as well. I received a letter telling me they would look into this but to date nothing has been done. I continue to ring/write/email CSA without any solutions. I even quoted from the guidance on Directgov that only child benefit can be paid if child under 19ys is in non advance education, my son has not been in Education since before December 2010.

I have paid for my son when he was not living with his father and CTC & CHB claim fraudulantly. NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS AND THEY SAY THEY DO LOOK INTO THESE MATTERS. I HAVE YET TO SEE ANY EVIDENCE OF THEM LOOKING INTO THIS.


  • Pete says:

    Bravo well said Peter, yes welcome to the club, now you no how it feels and how NRP are treated, all you seek is pure revenge and financial gain as usual, I have no sympathy for you what so ever

  • stuart says:

    DWP and CSA fail both NRP’s and PWC. Please do not lose sight of this…….. attacking every PWC who has a CSA gripe will not help anyone push through the end of this corrupt agency, We all need to stay together but this forum it appears picks and chooses what to publish and has turned into slanging matches on nearly every thread.

  • lisa says:

    @ Stuart
    I think the big thing in this post is the woman claims that the child wasn’t living with her between 2005-2010, between these times the poster wouldt have been entitled to CSA payments and if anything she probably would have been assessed as owing the agency due to the child living with his father, Maybe more detail would have been better, judgements will be made as the poster is looking like she is owed money even when the child wasn’t living with her, ???????

  • wilf says:

    stuart:- The poster clearly states ” I have paid for my son when he was not living with his father….”
    She is the NRP complaining about paying for a child not living with the PWC.
    Sound familiar?

  • stuart says:


    Very familiar

  • stuart says:


    And just to hammer home my point “Alice” has given that situation a very wide berth.

    That is why she fails to convice me and others, Interesting why it fails to pick up on this and many other points.

    You can stick up for her but can not deny that what I say is true.

  • stuart says:

    Lisa and others,

    A PWC going to the CSA to obtain child maintenance is fine by me it is their right to obtain financial support from the NRP, it is not malice it is common sense to provide for your children, Its what the CSA do next is the issue, This parent has paid for a child following a fraudelent claim, The CSA appear to be doing nothing.

    She has my sympathy.

    Attacking a PWC for claiming child maintenance is wrong in my eyes. as is the way the CSA go about the process and the way the government allow it to go on.

  • stuart says:

    And Alice is avoiding this post too as it is not fit for its advice as the CSA do no wrong in it’s eyes…………..Interesting don’t you all think?

  • lisa says:

    @ stuart, maybe if the post was given a little more thought and written so we can understand it fully then maybe people wouldt give opinion regarding her being either pwc/nrp,
    Alice is avoiding this site full stop right now, maybe because the truth is she causes arguments by contradiciting herself and giving information to people on here that’s freely available on the internet anyway

  • stuart says:


    agree the post is not written great but trying to give full detail on here is not easy, when the site picks and chooses what to publish it is difficult to put across for some people but the point was a fraudelent claim has happened.

    Everyone then accused her of money grabbing by contacting the CSA, She is paying them when she should not be, people should take more care when reading posts before attacking. The headline is normally written by the site, this has caused confusion before.

    As for Alice I believe it has been found out by a few on here and her employers have withdrawn her for now.

  • lisa says:

    @ Stuart

    The troll “alice” has been frequenting a group on facebook that a lot of PWC have joined, she gives advice freely on there also under the name alice, it was said at one time she was helping out more than she should on the QT

  • stuart says:

    it has gone to a lot of trouble to go undercover with fake e-mails etc, why would anybody do that? if not gaining from it?

    Either getting a kick out of it or paid to do it. The clear fact she picks and chooses what to respond to is evidence enough it is not on here to genuinly help anyone.

  • lisa says:

    @ Stuart

    I agree, I think its stupid how it can cover its tracks, I don’t get why CSA would pay somebody to frequent sites like this giving advice that is freely available on the internet anyway, it has never answered any questions that are difficult or maybe not a lot of people know the answer to, the helpline that is now running they also give you unbiased info because you don’t have to give NI numbers etc,

  • Alice says:

    @ Rajeshree Patel – you need to address your complaint to the Child Benefit Office, providing them with the evidence that CHB was claimed fraudulently for the time after your son no longer lived with his father. CSA cannot remove a child from a case whilst CHB is in payment, unless the PWC asks for the child to be removed. CSA cannot investigate CHB fraud, they cannot see any details of any investigation which the CHB office have undertaken, they can only confirm whether CHB is in payment, if it is suspended or if it has ceased.

    If CHB investigate a case and cease the benefit the CSA can then remove the child from the case back to the date CHB was ceased.

  • stuart says:

    Also Alice if the CSA discover fraud committed by a PWC they have no duty to report this or inform the NRP, Great is it not this can go on.

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