False hope & empty promises

October 14, 2011

All i seem to get from the C.S.A is false hope and empty promises. Over an eight year period, I have received the exact same letter every year around 15/16 December, all apart from the date change, explaining my ex has to pay for his child. There is no arrears on the account, when clearly there is!!! Most recently i have received a letter and phonecall stating they had caught up with absent father and he was to pay 200 per month and would i kindly consider putting a hold on the 5,000 arrears to ensure he pays for the here and now.

I said yes, as anything is better than nothing. First payment, i was told was to be 150, the amount the absent father made, my son received 47!! when i queried it, no one could give me an answer as to why, its now taken over three weeks to get a text saying the other 103 will be paid out with another 85 to follow??????

The 103 has still not came through and the 85 is wrong as told it would be 200/220 per month!! I really am disheartened and disappointed with the lack of communication and all the WRONG info i am being presented with, i am calling them almost daily if not twice a day and believe me its a completely different story/situation /excuses from them everytime!! i am not sleeping well due to all this palava and its not fair on my son.


  • Miles says:

    Try getting on with your life and supporting yourself. Or did you not want equality?

  • Beverley Bailey says:

    @ Miles, I have and always will support myself and my son, however why should his sad excuse of a father get away with not providing for his son? Each and every time C,S,A catch up with him, he goes underground again and again, rather than just paying his dues. So are you saying you agree with this??? surely not, or are you in support of those who run out on their family?? equality has nothing to do with it. Everyone has their own opinion i agree to that, but do not comment again unless you have something useful to contribute.

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