Failed security – has my ex tricked them?

February 13, 2014

I started a csa claim in jan this yr (2014), not had NO letters or contact from them since starting the claim. I rang them on the 28th of jan for an update, they were in the process of trying to contact my ex and he had till the 3rd of feb to respond, iv tried to phone again today, I put ni num in and dob then got through to someone who then started asking me security questions, he asked me which bank account I have registered with them to which I replied none never given or been asked to provide these) then he asked when was my last payment to which I replied I haven’t received any payments yet which is why im ringing, he then informed me I had failed security and hung up on me!

I then phoned a diff csa office to have the exact same thing happen! im now worried that x has got someone to ring pretending to be and gave them bank details which aren’t mine! I have been in tears with worry and im struggling just to live and keep my children warm clothed and fed at the minute, I have sent an email of complaint but don’t think I will get anywhere with this! I don’t know what else to do and wish I had never started this process in the first place 🙁


  • Sara says:

    Join csa ripoffs on facebook and get all the help you want/need. This sounds dodgy!

  • jody says:

    Hi im the one who wrote the post, i tried to explain during the second call but was told they wouldnt discuss anything till goin through the security questions which i failed. I have emailed a complaint but at a loss as to what else to do? I was wary of doin a csa claim in the first place as the relationship was a violent one for 13 years and didnt want any more trouble. Wish i hadnt started it at all tbh. Thanks for your comments x

  • jo says:

    There’s no proof the ex has done this, could be csa agents being smug, they’re known to do this. I would give up ringing them and send a letter instead…put your national insurance number and names and dates of birth of the children….if that fails see your mp. Plus I thought csa stopped taking on new claims (november 2013) and it was being dealt with by child maintenance options?

  • jody says:

    Yes but a claim was started in 2011 but then put on hold because i was assulted and didnt want things gettin worst so this is just tjat claim starting up again.

  • jo says:

    Jody, are you getting all the help you need without worrying about csa? I had a dv support worker plus social services who get a bad rep but were fantastic when I needed support and assistance If you are going to go ahead with the claim I’d put all this down in the letter of complaint to them and find out what is going on. Like I said, csa are known to be arrogant when it comes to security, exactly the same with nrps…’d think national ins no., date of birth and address would be enough like it is with dwp and tax office!!

  • Richie says:

    GET A JOB!

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