Ex’s betrayal leaves me shelling out

August 11, 2014

My CSA nightmare started when my daughter then aged 16 finished high school in England and decided that she wanted to move back to Scotland to live with her father in order to take advantage of the FREE University places in Scotland.

You have to be resident in Scotland 2 years before applying for a place. During the 1st 16 years of her life I DID NOT contact the CSA once to apply for money from him. We had an agreement drafted up which he did not stick to despite it being logged with the Registrars of Scotland.

After 4 days of my daughter moving to live with her Dad the CSA called me and said I had to pay her Dad £350.36 per month and that they would even take my bonus from work into consideration.

For the last 2 years I have paid this religiously however I have no relocated back to Scotland to be near to my daughter – she is 19 in October and the CSA are still on my case. She has been accepted for University and will get a Student Loan of £4750 in September however I still have to pay until that time.

Her father gives her £5 per week pocket money. I have paid to have my daughter’s PVG licence, her new passport, we bought her a car and I continue to pay her mobile phone contract at £44 per month. I cannot apply for the Child Benefit as she has finished school therefore her father claims all the child benefit and get the maintenance payments too.

Since relocating she has stayed over 17 days, in addition, we have her again this weekend and we are going to Fuerteventura together at the end of the month for a holiday. CSA wont take any of this into consideration and just demand the money. The welfare of the child is of no concern of theirs all they want is the money.


  • spinner says:

    I agree, the CSA have many faults but at least they are not sexist unlike the family courts.

  • Gonk says:

    Your ex is a complete arsehole and it’s disgusting that you are being treated like this.
    It’s not right, but still kinda refreshing that it’s the woman for a change that’s kicked in the teeth by these vultures.
    95% of the time it’s the father bled dry.
    All I can say is the CSA is changing over to CMS and his case will be closed and you will have to come to a private arrangement that don’t involve the CMS ? Otherwise you will both be charged for the service. Him £20 to open a new case, you will……wait for it….be stung 20% per month on top of what you have to pay. He will have 4% taken from what he gets. Not fair I know…but whatever this scum dream up,it will never be fair for the Nrp. Try and come to a private payment plan,then neither of you will be charged for using this shite outfit.

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