Exes should only be made to pay the same as benefits

July 14, 2015

All of you females backing the mother but I’m sorry if “benefits” claims you only need £60 a week to raise a child and that’s all they give most single mums who cope perfectly well why should maintenance payments be any more than that?

People move on and have other families and the extortionate amount they charge is insane making it impossible for any man to have a normal family afterwards, for example my husband had children with a girl who is vindictive and evil, they split up because she kept cheating on him, as soon as he left she put a stop to him seeing the children completely (for no reason at all) when he tried to see them she claimed he was violent and got a restraining order!

We then got together, married and had a son, when she got wind of this she went to csa and he started paying her maintenance and still she refused to allow him to see the children that “he helped bring into the world” as you put it!!!

She then had a child with another man doing the exact same thing to him, cheating on him throwing him out and getting him arrested, not letting him see his child either, she is now with a 3rd man who she now also has another child with (that’s 4 kids 3 dads) man number 3 who she happened to be sleeping with the whole time has married her, so they live together with his income paying all of the rent and bills plus £300 a month of father number 2s income and my husband has to pay her £400 a month leaving us struggling as csa do not take into account travelling expenses or household bills.

They deduct the money from all of what you earn , meaning after paying rent, council tax and bills we are not even left with enough to buy food let alone anything else.

If he can’t get to work he doesn’t get paid as he is self employed but they still take money for her it’s us left to struggle, I have to work all the hours I can around my 2 children in order to scrape enough cash together to clothe and feed the kids and cover travel costs so that we can get to work, while his ex who has never worked a day in her life sits on her arse raking in £700 a month plus £135 child benefit and spends it all on flash cars and photo shoots of herself that she frequently posts photos of online.

So as for “men should pay” I think it could be done a bit more diplomatically and it should be looked at with a bit more savvy when it comes to the fact she has over £800 disposable income each month on top of her husbands wages whilst our children are going without and we can barely afford to live !! That is not fair!!

Men should only be made to pay what the government would give in benefits not £100s of unnecessary cash for the sake of it, it doesn’t cost a massive amount to pay for kids…. I know how little you can raise children on because we have nothing thanks to silly csa calculations and we have to manage ! If she was struggling she could always work like I have to!!!


  • Cheryl says:

    I agreed, get on CSA rip offs on FB. You will find a lot of likeminded people on there!

  • Gonk says:

    100% right poppy
    Christine you are talking out your ass end…..read the bloody post.
    It’s one of the best examples of greedy bitches ripping a new asshole for the nrp and with help from the fucks at the csa. Indeed a lot of ex’s live a life of old Riley at the expense of the father…..or mother and the tax payer,,,fucking disgusting
    And christine. So the nrp has to put his/her life on hold and never have a new one because he/she has a duty to the 1st…….what a load of bollocks. In my case then, My ex walked because she was fucking another bloke and takes my kid with her for him to raise and play daddy to her. What you are saying is I should pay for that 1st and foremost and put my life on hold because of something she did wrong…..more bollocks. If I had my way, she would not get a penny from me and I would see its spent on my child the way I see fit, NOT her fucking mother and a fucking government agency.

  • jo says:

    I disagree Christina, if a relationship breaks down people have a right to move on, as Poppy said it’s about sharing, not fair on the 2nd family because they didn’t meet that person first. I’m a PwC who has 2 children and never received any help from my ex (financial or emotional) and I get on quite easily and happily!

  • Steveo Travino says:

    My best mates life has been totally and utterly devastated by devious ex making spurious claims that my mate beat her ( he didn’t) and having to pay nigh on £400 a month for CSA for almost 20 years for a child his ex wouldn’t allow him to see I totally agree with the sentiment of the original poster.
    She was allowed to sit on her arse for said 20 years and has never worked in all that time.
    My mate has never had a pot to piss in and this is so wrong.

    A far as I am concerned CSA payments to ex bags who refuse access to children the nrp pays for should be stopped.
    £40-£50 a week is sufficient to bring up a child.

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