Ex works for cash in hand to avoid the CSA

October 4, 2010

My Daughter is 13 next month and our CSA claim was made shortly after her birth.

Her father has moved jobs numerous times and worked cash in hand to avoid paying, I have found out much information to help the CSA and always the result is nothing.

I have received numerous letters for the amounts owing and when payments would be made…….again nothing!

As for this enforcement what a load of rubbish….again nothing.

I have no idea what to do from here!


  • martin dell says:

    does he have access to your daughter if so how much
    and does he regulary see hes daughter
    do you refuse access or is it his own choice not to see her

  • louisa taylor says:

    my ex gets away with paying csa ic told them all the info they need about who he works for, car he drives and work vehicles ect csa told me they would get an investigater onto it but no they wont do anything an i get nothing for the help with bringing up my kids, think that csa are disgracefull they say they are going to help us ! parnet familys and they dont do nowt.

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