Ex won’t respond to CSA’s letters – what can I do?

October 14, 2012

I got in touch with the csa a few years ago for help getting money for my 4 year old, we did get this sorted but her father gave up his job and the payments stopped, I have now found out he is working so called the csa, on my first call to them they checked and said his circumstances had changed and the details would be passed to a case worker.

Several weeks later I called and was told my case worker would call me back withing 5 working days,it never hapend.

I have called countless times and now 11 weeks later I have received a call off them saying, they cannot find out if my ex is working and he has not responded to any letters, what can I do?


  • Carol says:

    CSA can check through H M Revenue & Customs where your ex is working. I would think 11 weeks is sufficient time for the employer to send info to HMRC so that CSA can check.

    CSA can then approach his employer for wages info if they believe that your ex is being non compliant and also issued a DEO to take the money direct from his salary.

    Get your MP involved to help with your fight.

  • karen bedford says:

    I would also say the same as Carol.

    Please join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies failings and other groups, for help and advice.

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