Ex won’t give anything to help

September 22, 2014

Hello me and my little boys dad, have split up around 2month now after bein together 1 and a half year to split 6months and then come back for 6months.

He is working now and brings in £80 a week as it’s an apprenticeship now he is down as homeless so he doesn’t after pay anything except food and travel e.g travel is £27 a week I have asked him before for even £10 a week but that isn’t good enough for him so I even lowerd it to £5 a week and still nothing.

Also if I do happen to get csa does that mean I have to let him take his son as and when he wants to take him he takes him once every nown and again but still nothing, he comes see him at our house when he chooses and even sleeps somtimes and Iv even gave him money and bought tea for us all before please advice me thank you.