Ex will do anything to avoid paying the CSA

September 2, 2011

I really hope you can help me! I am a resident parent and began my nightmare dealings with the CSA 11 years ago. I have never used my children against my ex husband, despite the fact I had grounds to do so because of violence, he was never violent towards them. He doesn’t bother with my sons now aged 20 and 17 through his own choice, and the fact that my sons got fed up of his broken promises, they rarely seek contact with him these days. I am owed in excess of £14,000 in maintenance arrears and the CSA seem Hell bent on doing nothing about this. Every time I speak to them I point out that this sum was accrued when he had the means to pay, and they failed in their duty to collect payments.

My ex husband will do anything possible to avoid payment, and presently has a nil assessment, due to his partner leaving a full time job to enrol in University, for this she receives an income (bursary) that cannot be counted into their joint income. He agreed to pay £50 per month on a voluntary basis on the arrears only, and has not complied with the agreement. Because of this the CSA have now secured a monthly deduction of earnings order for £43.44 a month, which they have only just received after the instigation of the order 3 months ago! The arrears aren’t being reduced by much and we have calculated it will take until 2030 at least before the arrears are cleared at the current rate!

Three years ago my ex husband was the beneficiary of an inheritance, and a family member advised me of the situation to try and help me secure some of the arrears with the £23,000 he inherited. I managed to secure £7,000 after asking the CSA for a copy of the initial Legal Debt Order and took it to the solicitor dealing with the estate myself. The CSA also initiated court proceedings to make the remaining £14,000+ a legal debt so I could present this too. The estate was settled, and I got the £7,000 I had secured through the Legal Debt Order. This leaves £14,000 in arrears. I was disappointed the CSA had failed to secure the Debt Order in time, despite having over 8 months from me contacting them to advise of the situation. This would have completely erased his arrears. I complained in writing and was sent a time line letter explaining that unfortunately they hadn’t got it through in time! THEY LIED! they HAD secured the second Legal Debt Order BEFORE the estate was settled, and failed to tell me!

I could have presented the second debt order and cleared the arrears owed. The CSA then decided to try and secure the funds from my ex husbands bank account. Again they failed!

After telephoning yet again today to ask what is going on, they could not explain why the £50 pm voluntary payment had been reduced.
My ex-husband is a qualified landscape gardener and I know for a fact he has a regular client base for which he is paid cash in hand. I tell them this every time, and the fact that his lifestyle does not match that of someone on a low income! He is currently on yet another foreign holiday. I have now been told to contact ‘departures’ rather apt I thought, to discuss my concerns.

I really am coming to the end of my tether!

Thank you in the hope you may be able to help me.


  • karen bedford says:

    Helen – unfortunately this is so common please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others too as they have advice and support on there too which might help, good luck.

  • stuart says:

    CSA fail all parents both collections and assessments are riddled with errors, the children are secondary and time that PWC and NRP stood together to fight for a fairer system and historical justice for all their victims.

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