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Ex wife turned me in to CMS as she’s jealous that I treat our children

My children are very much a part of my everyday life one living with her boyfriend for the past 12 months who’s 18, the other living with his Mum who will be 15 in July, my son spends every weekend with me because it’s boring at his Mums as she won’t do anything with him, my daughter comes to stay with me every other weekend even tho she has a home of her own, we have an extremely strong bond and relationship, I spoil my kids rotten and give them daily support through paying for many things from school dinners to holiday for my kids, I have bank transactions for the past 3.5 years totalling 17k worth of payments towards their daily needs, this is excluding cash handed over for any reason from £50 per week upwards, I have only recently heard that the CMS had removed £2700 from my bank and frozen my account because my ex wife has made a claim against me, I discovered this by trying to transfer money in to my daughters account because she wanted a night out, upon trying I discovered I was broke and why I was broke, after sending everything the CMS requested from me, they inform me it’s not good enough and they won’t accept my bank statements or statement from my daughter as evidence that I support my kids, because my bank statements do not say CHILD MAINTANENCE in them and the 17 grand I’ve spent are gifts not support,, THIS has put my children in the most difficult position right be tween myself and their Mum, It’s a personal grudge their mum has towards me and I also have transcripts of messages from my ex wife to my self calling me fit to burn because I am silly with my kids and I spoil them rotten, But she tells the CMS a different story, she told the I don’t support my kids financially and I don’t see them or have anything to do with them.

No matter which way I provide evidence they ask for, because it doesn’t say those immortal words, CHILD MAINTENENCE they wont accept it, but can I ask, HOW MANY present fathers or mothers get a receipt from their kids every time they hand over cash to them,?

How many when transferring money via bank transfer use that wording they require, My kids are in my life every day and I have not once in their life told them NO as a direct result of them asking me for anything, their Mum is extremely jealous of how much they get from me personally and wants me to stop giving them direct the way I always have done, and she wants me to support her cocaine addiction through paying her direct, thus meaning my kids won’t get a single penny from her, I point blank refuse to give her money and will continue to be the best dad I can towards my kids, The CMS is the biggest best idea this government has ever had for those scum bag fathers who don’t support their kids, But my case is complex and different of the daily cases they investigate, although I am treated exactly the same, they should deal with things on a personal basis not the black and white they currently look in to, Only victim of my particular case is my kids mental health in GCSE years too, Promotion of the well bein of children should be the way forward not screwing them completly up.

I will appeal against the money they stole from me by way of obtaining money by deception with the lies my ex wife told them, but I feel I won’t win against this organisation, my ex wife is NOT my responsibility, MY KIDS ARE.


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