Ex wife stops me seeing my daughter so my CSA payments increase by five times

November 1, 2012

My 16 yo daughter has decided she doesn’t want to come to my house anymore. It’s an hours drive away and it cramps her style. Her Mother is happy to tell her she doesn’t have to go if she doesn’t want to.

I’ve been making the trip every week to remain in contact with my daughter for months when all of a sudden, coinciding with my 10th anniversary with my new wife, my ex has been in touch with CSA claiming I no longer have care of my child. As a consequence my child support has increased five fold!!

CSA doesn’t care that none of this is my choice or that this sudden increase in payments will seriously impact on my financial situation. I am the sole breadwinner in my family, and our budget is tight. Suddenly we are faced with trying to find a substantial amount extra a month. I have a serious medical condition as well which requires expensive treatment. CSA’s response? To garnish my wages.

ONCE AGAIN the non-custodial parent pays through the nose for the priviledge of NOT seeing their children. I have attempted to negotiate with my ex, offering to increase payments from what they were to a level I can afford but she is not interested.

I am currently taking legal action to try and enforce the court order but I’m not hopeful, let’s face it, as the fatherin this situation you are powerless, even if your EX is a vindictive bitter woman.


  • lisa-faye says:

    I hear you loud and clear, My partner is a father of 2 boys he has had with his ex she has moved and refuses to say where she is living he has paid her every month for past 5yrs £150pm and he also paid her almost 15 grand when they 1st split up even tho they were not married and he had no need to, she now has the CSA involved and they want £360 pm we can not afford that and the daughter we have together will now go with out and we will be in serious debt the money we will be left with will just about cover rent and council tax, my partner works 60hr wks and now we will be minus £200pm, she earns more then him shehas just bought a property and enjoys a lavish lifestyle she made the choice to drop her drawers for all who wanted she made the choice to buy a property she made a choice to split up a family home so why is it she still being rewarded for this?
    CSA are not interested in any money paid before she was in touch with CSA nore do they care that now we have no choice but to split up in order to eat as I will have to claim income support I can not work myself as I have suspected fluid on brain which has caused the right side of my body to have no feeling tests are on going. Government will then be paying my rent council tax etc so I will be costing them more then what they can have off my partner which makes no sense to me it also means his ex have not only taken his 1st 2 children away from him but now he is unable to live with his 2nd family, this madness has to end. I wish you every success in sorting this out but really don’t hold my breath all CSA care about is the mother and gun for fathers who have always been good providers.

  • wilf says:

    The maintenance requirement is reduced by 1/7 for each night spent with the non-custodial parent.
    So unless other changes were taken into account your liability should not increase by 5.
    You need to telephone and ask for a revision of the last assessment.

  • brett says:

    The whole system stinks. The CSA are not interested if you gave your ex partner the house when you split up, what money you gave for your kid(s) prior to the CSA being involved, second families, health problems, not being able to pay your rent / mortgage, debts etc.
    Ive had a gutful from this shower of shit. They can just do what they want and they target the PAYE workers. I loathe this shambolic organisation with an absolute passion.

  • Bonnie says:

    Totally and with Wayne ….under csa2 thats the rule !
    Totally agree with Brett I loathe them , new families split up because of them.

  • brett says:

    If you think CSA2 is hell, just be glad your not under CSA1 rules. Ive had two cases under CSA1 and your stitched up even more.

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