Ex wife hasn’t done a day’s work for ten years

September 19, 2012

I am currently being “assessed” for CSA maintenance payments under the “medieval” Old rules.

Despite the fact my ex-wife actually made her claim 6 months before we even split up, CSA do not want to know!!!!

Even now – I earn my living, having retrained andrebuilt my life after her and commute to London each day which costs over £400 per month in rail fares. I earn a gross salary of just over £34k pa – my new wife is not emloyed and thus my income is the sole amount coming into the house. There are no further dependant children – My mortgage is over £500 per month.

Having received a revised assessment following a review, I have been told I have to pay over £600 per month and they have decided to take this straigh from my salary – ALL THIS FOR 1 CHILD. The result of this is that I can no lnger afford to go to work and will have to leave my employer – CSA are aware of this but dont care.

I applied for a departure for my travel to work costs, and this was accepted (hooray)- however, they then introduced a formula called the Higher Income Adjustment which wiped out the departure.

My ex wife has not done a days’ work for over 10 years…has got a private assessment of my daughter for ADHD (Which is questionable at best) and gets Carers Allowance to avoid assessment for work capability in addition to all her benefits and having a live-in partner whom she has not declared – She is also now £600 better off by receiving direct payments.

CSA will not entertain an appeal, not interested in me losing my job, possibly more.

Dont know what to do – I cannot get CSA to change over to the new maintenance assessment formula which would allow me to stay in work as she would need to agree a private arrangement which, with the pounds signs in her eyes, she is not willing to do – Can ANYBODY HELP OR OFFER SUITABLE ADVICE??!!!


  • Excityboy says:

    Have you tried NACSA? They claim to be able to help in complicated cases and may be able to assist in getting you changed on to new rules. Just Google them and take a look at their site.

  • chall says:

    Quote Kevin; Despite the fact my ex-wife actually made her claim 6 months before we even split up, CSA do not want to know!!!!

    If you were both living together in the same household on or after the EFFECTIVE (not application) date of the claim?
    If so and you can prove such, the CSA can NOT consider you a non resident parent.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Carol says:

    CSA are not interested in your own financial circumstances but the money they have coming in.

    There is a new system coming in which may help you called the Gross Income Scheme. Not sure when it will actually start but believe it will be for all new claimants in a matter of weeks and then CSA1 and CSA2 claimants will be transfered over. CSA will be writing to everyone involved and asking if the pwc wants to continue using the services of the Agency which will be a paid for service.

    Do you have any proof at all you were still a couple at that time like letters from Solicitors, or copy Separation Agreement to prove the date of separation?

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