Ex who hasn’t paid a penny now wants contact

June 26, 2014

I have been split from my ex partner for over 3years, we are currently at court as he is fighting for contact.

I have had no penny from him since he left.

I would like advice please.


  • melanie parton says:

    just because he hasnt paid doesnt mean cant see child he may not b able to pay kids ……payment is irrelevant and csnt stop contact on that basis n neither shud u its damaging to child…….obvs if contact resumes would have to b slowly as not seen for years…….

  • Gonk says:

    Nicola Horton…a load of bollocks come out of your whining mouth, so keep it shut.
    Money is all you understand obviously. Seems most people responding to this post agree on one thing. Money has nothing to do with how,why,if a parent sees his/ her child.
    You are as bad as her in that case. Since only money seems to be a valid reason for him seeing his kid in your eyes

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