Ex went to the CSA after I paid her direct

January 3, 2013

I have 7 and 8 year old boys that live in exeter (i stay in dundee) having sent money to the ex she has now went to csa. After contacting them.they decided i owed her 3500 in arrears.i offered to pay £300 per month which they point blank refused i then offered £350 still refused after sometime arguing on what i can afford and that i have a 5mth old daughter to my new gilfriend to which they replied its not our problem if you cannot pay a considerable amount in the line of our 40%of your wages then we have no alternative to proceed with 40%of your wages.

My partner have found that we can no longer afford to pay bills(partner has just been payed of)the csa really dont care what happens to anybodys finnacial state how about helping the non resident to the kids(me the father) out (i dont get to see them as she wont let me)i have bills to pay like everyother person. sickening


  • Gonk says:

    Just another example of what a bunch of “couldn’t give a shit” c***ts the csa is and how unfair it is that the mother can claim whatever she fucking wishes for and these assholes believe her and start bleeding the NRP dry despite him having his own life to live and family to support.
    It’s beyond unbelievable how they treat NRP’s and very scary.the csa is a NRP’s worst nightmare…they are a horror story like no other

  • Alice says:

    when was the case opened and have you paid your ex direct after this date?
    If payments were made direct to your ex since the case was opened and you have informed them of the payments they should contact your ex partner and ask her to confirm she has received payments direct from you for child maintenance, the arrears can then be adjusted accordingly. If she states no money was rec’d you can submit evidence that it was – ie bank statements as I presume given the distance between you and your ex that you are paying by standing order or such like. If your ex confirms that she has rec’d money but claims it is for something other than CM then you will be held liable for the arrears.

    What is your current regular maintenance?

    Did you inform the agency when your baby daughter was born? You are entitled to a 15% allowance for a child living in your household. If you have not informed them then you need to do this asap and ask for a new MC to include the ROC (relevant Other child) allowance. They will need to check that Child Benefit is in payment so you will need to supply the name of the person who claims this (usually the mother) and if possible her NI no

  • Gonk says:

    This is what’s soooo wrong and unfair about this agency…it believes anything the PWC tells them. Alice…you said yourself that if the mother claims its for something other than CM……they just believe her and therefore he’s liable to pay ….it’s utter crap that NRP’s can be treated like this. It’s staggering that they are allowed to get away with it.As I said before…the only logical reason they let this happen is because the PWC is the client and bringing in the bacon for the treasury,if the PWC can lie in order to bring in even more bacon for the treasury, then why would they rock the boat by asking her to prove anything…..it’s fucking unbieveable….what a scam this is

  • Carrie says:

    Yes Gonk,that is exactly position were in ! having to pay everything again just because the pwc says its for the mortgage (of course she knew it wasn’t !!) Anyway nrp doesn’t have to pay both CM & maintenance. We have to pay thousands all over again.I think it’s too biased towards believing the pwc to make the collection figures look better that can be the only reason .The csa said its no concern of theirs that we cant afford any quality of life for the child that lives with us.We do our best like you do , but it’s a real struggle.

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