Ex went to CSA because I couldn’t pay what she asked

September 26, 2012

Hi there, well it start when I split up with my ex back in October 2006. We made a verbal agreement that she wouldn’t go to the csa. Throughout our disputes, I had given my ex around £ 16000 also paying other expenses such as school uniforms , holidays and equipment, and between August 2008 to February 2009 my son lived with me.

I had to go part time earning around £100 per week taking him to and from school in Worcester to where I lived in oldbury about 28 miles away and I didn’t get any help with working tax credits because as you see I didn’t have parents rights. The tax credit needed proof he was living with me, but needed my ex to comply with this but she was away in Australia for that period I had my son.

Now everything seemed ok until my ex asked me to pay half of my son’s prom night which came to £250, I was happy to pay this and told her she would receive money by the end of July this year. I then had a contract phone bill of £340 at the beginning of July of which £240 was from my sons phone which I pay the contract for. Obviously I refused to pay the prom fee because I had to pay my inflated phone bill.

Now from all this I received a phone call from the csa last week notifying me that my ex has applied for csa. To me this an outrage is there any help for me to contest this. I am not will to pay anymore my son is 16 years 5 months as has started sixth form college therefore if the csa and my ex get away with this I would have to pay for another 2 years 7 months please help thanks Giuseppe


  • chall says:


    If your son meets the criteria you will still be liable to pay child maintenance for him.

    See link below.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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