Ex wants 30% of my wages each month!

September 23, 2012

I have recently started work. I have been down on my luck fror 3 years previous to that. My ex wife sent me a text I want to talk about money, the greedy bitch owns 10 properties, has an income from them all. I gave her the house we owned so she could buy a house for her and my son and it isn’t enough. She wants 30% of my wages every month. I have told the CSA I can’t afford it and they just don’t give a shit. I asked for an appeal but in the meantime I have to pay the money, which I can’t afford. I phoned them last night and asked – what about the appeal, they said it was a totally different department.

What the f*ck does that mean.

My ex wife lied about how much time I have my son. I have told them this and it doesn’t matter at all – all I got was, “sit down with a calendar and work out how many days you had him last year”, who the f*ck can remember what they did 2 weeks ago. f*cking wankers.

they really don’t give a shit about us. I have sent them payslips, rent agreements, bills and said where can I find the money from and all they have said is – we will take it out of your wages. so before I get my pay, I won’t have enough money to pay my rent and bills and they are not bothered at all.

I told them I may have to quit my job cos I can’t afford to pay my bills, maintenance at their rate and they said it was a criminal offence.

What the f*ck can I do. I am depressed and struggling as it is. I feel completely screwed.


  • j says:

    You are not alone. The csa put a DEO on my pay with no warning to me, then took 4o% of my net pay plus a similar amount for arrears I wasnt aware (I’d only been working for about 9mts having previously been a PWC with NO csa support) of leaving me with about £55 pw to live on. I gave up my job. This was about 4yrs ago. The csa claimed I didnt tell them but my Data Protection prints showed they were told by jobcentre plus and my former employer. Despite this knowledge the csa carried on assessing me as though I was still working then took me to court to get a charge on my home. The courts do whatever the csa tell them and the so called ‘independent’ case examiner another branch of the DWP seems to be set up to field complaints against the csa and support their decisions. Now the csa are relying on the fact that I had not told them I was a student, even though that doesnt give you an exemption from assessment. I’m still fighting. Meantime ian duncan smith should be aware that this has cost the taxpayer a fortune in csa court appearances and I have not worked or paid any tax on wages for years. I think they are all idiots. I could be working but who wants to do a 40hr week for less money than unemployment benefit. My family are now thinking of moving to canada. This pathetic little island is finished and you can say thank you to the civil service for that.

  • chall says:

    Quote Peter; ‘I told them I may have to quit my job..’

    If the agency are able to decide a person has intentionally made themselves unemployed to avoid payment, their calculation could remain.

    As the CSA are dealing with your case, your ex will NOT be calculating that your liable to pay 30% of your wages, the agency will.

    Obviously, if you dispute your ex’s version of events re shared cared of your son, will need to supply the CSA with, as they have requested, evidence to the contrary.
    The CSA would only be able to alter the reduction for shared care from the date they were notified of the change.

    Is your case calculated under old OR new rules (eg, before or after 03/03/03)?

    Is this the only case you have with the CSA?

    Do you owe any arrears?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Alice says:

    if your case is on new rules – ie after 03/03/2003 – your liability will be as follows:

    1 child = 15% of your net income
    2 children = 20% of your net income
    3 or more children = 25% of your net weekly income

    if the CSA have imposed a DEO and it is more than your weekly maintenance this will be because you owe arrears for child support
    the max the DEO can be imposed for is 40% of your net income and this will be for regular maintenance and arrears – they will not take over that by law, if your employer is deducting more than 40% of your net income they are breaking the law and you should speak to your payroll department about this

    Before a DEO is imposed the CSA will have tried to contact you by phone to discuss arrears, if they are not successful in speaking to you on the phone they will send a letter to the address you have given them – if you do not respond to this letter within 7 days they will impose a DEO at that point, when a DEO is issued you will be issued with a letter (collection schedule) telling you that the DEO has been sent to your employer and it will state the dates and the amounts to be taken

    with regards to the shared care issue, if you and your ex provide conflicting information then you will both be asked to provide evidence to back up your claim – keep a record of nights you have your child/children to stay overnight

    it is your responsibility by law to inform the CSA of any changes in your circumstance so if you fail to tell them your income has dropped or you are in full time education they cannot do a new assessment

    If you give up your job to avoid paying child support the law stated that the maintenance calculation does not have to be re-assessed, so in effect all you will be doing is running up a higher arrears balance which the CSA will collect by at some point either by enforcement measures open to them – ie liability order which could result in you being forced to sell assets to pay your debt, if you do not have assets the arrears will continue to increase and will be collected by DEO when you get another job

  • andy says:

    I am a dad to 4 kids an a step dad to 1 I earn 300 a week an pay out 900 on living costs an rent the csa contacted me and said they want 40% ov my wages by DOE how after that deduction do I pay my bills an support my family ?????????????????

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