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Ex vanished with son and even a judge can’t trace him

My son was born in 2011, I have paid sincecrhe day he was born due to me and the mother never swing eye to eye.

In 2015 the mother contacted while on holiday to notify me she was disappearing with my son and there was no point trying to locate her. Now obviously I did try to locate her coating me over £1000 in court fees.

The judge spent 3 months trying to locate the mother of my child and my child to which he was unsuccessful.

I have no problem paying for my child as it’s not about the money. It’s merely the point and principle that 1) she has broken a court order set out in 2013. 2) i do no know where my chold currently resides 3) if the judge cannot locate her what the he’ll am I doing still paying for my son?

What course of action can I take to have payments stopped or pause until she comes out the woodwork an allows me by law to know where my son is living? I have joint patently responsibility as my name is on the birth certificate and we have an inial court order stating so.

Please help.

One thought on “Ex vanished with son and even a judge can’t trace him

  1. Hi Ptolemy

    If you are paying child support, surely the CSA/CMS will have her address details. The court should therefore be able to trace her.

    As she is in breach of a court order, it might be worth seeing if the Child Support claim could be cancelled. If you need help with this contact me at [email protected]


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