Ex uses my CSA payments for her holidays

August 25, 2010

I have been paying the CSA now for the last 8 years, i do not have a issue with this appart from the fact that my ex has admitted that all my money goes ona holiday each year for her and her husband and not for my son.

I generally recieve some sort of letter every 6 months to stir up a hornets nest between my soon to be wife and myself.

My wife has always begrudged paying the CSA seeing as i have not sen him for nearly 4 years but does understand that it needs to be done.

I looked after my son for the 1st year he was born after she said that shw did not want him. As soon as a custody letter arrived on her doorstep she waltzed down and picked him up half drunk to take him home, and there was nothing i could do about it.

On top of this she clained a years back payments via the CSA, and even though evidence etc went in my favour they still went with her and the arrears needed to be paid.

It appears that no matter what i do she will always benefit from it, the more money i earn the more money she takes.

I now have 2 children with my wife and i feel that this is extremely un-fair that they do not think of my family.

The main thing i am concerned about is that i have a opportunity to move to the UAE with the family and although i am living and working abroad, i am concerned that i will pay the arrears wen i return back.

My money will be paid to a account abroad and thereore all funds etc are off shore.

Can anybody tell me 100% that no re-payments will need to be paid to the CSA if i come back to the UK?

Your help is very much appreciated.


  • Brokenfather says:

    I regret to advise that any arrears will remain your liability for ever, the CSA can even collect from your estate when you die!

    Your liability will however cease to accrue for any time you reside outside the UK though, but you must tell the CSA that you have left the country for that.

  • craig cornwell says:

    Thank you for the response from (broken father). I am awre that arrears will need to be paid but if i am working abroad and i do notify the CSA that i will be out of the country, will they cease the payments until i return back to the UK?

    They do not need to know how much i am earning do they they? they cannot claim arrears for the time i was out of the country based on the money i earnt could they?

    I currently have paid all arrears off that i have owed but i will be looking at the possibility of working abroad fairly soon, where would i stand with paying the CSA when i leave and they have been notified?

    Will they only start a new assesment based on my new job and earning once i return to the UK and classed as a UK national again.

    Thank you for all you for all your help and advice. craig cornwell

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