Ex tries hard not to pay

September 1, 2014

I’m at the end of the road with this and really do not no what to do .my case started in Dec I told them all about my kids dad using a umbrella company.

Basically declares two hundred and fifty pound a wk and gets around five hundred a wk in expenses,of this I have proof .yeti get offered 28 a wk for all three children.

I have been told there’s nothing they can do it will mean they are taking on a big company when they are only the middle man.then I was told I was sent a variation form that was last dec I’m still waiting I’ve put loads of complains in yet they have not been noted.

He’s now gone direct pay and guess what he has not paid yet they have to give him five days .. I have a molestation order on there father as his abusive and violent …. He asked for direct pay to avoid costs yet I still have no money in a single mum of three and I’m desperate to get my kids what they are entitled too.


  • spinner says:

    There is no entitlement to anything, if your ex is working he is doing that out of his own free will. How he chooses to structure that is his choice, if he was in a relationship with you there would be no rules about how much and when he had to provide so why would you think there is after the end of the relationship. As someone else said try being nice to him and maybe you’ll get the money you want from him.

  • Nathan janes says:

    Cheryl smith…
    So you think it’s ok for a women to purposely stop the child seeing there father for capital gain….????…… Really….????? A child has a right to see and be with both parents, but yet the mother is rewarded with extra payments when the stop the child seeing the father…..!?!?!?!?…… Trust me, I pay a fair wack of my income to help to look after my kids, and I’m in the middle of a court case against there mother for being obstructive in accesses, and the only reason she is being obstructive is that she is in fact ‘A money grabbing cow’….by the sound of things you only see the side of the women. Some women stop the kids just as a way of hurting the father and also a way of getting more money…….not all men are the ‘bad’ ones and not all men ‘winge’ about paying there mantance, most of us just want it to be fair………which we all know the system is not…..Ben wisken drag her through the courts and get your self some justice…….

  • gonk says:

    @Cheryl Smith…how about keeping your legs closed ??? hows it always the blokes fault for not putting a coat on it or keeping it in his pants….And are you stupid ? you talk shit.. fathers have no issue paying IF the money went to the kids and NOT to the mother to do with what she wants. And you talk bollocks about how much it cost to bring up a child when the mother, 9 times out of 10 gets shit loads of other benefits, in a lot of cases, you ex’s are with working partners, as is my ex AND she works as well. and I am milked of £300 each month for a daughter taken from me because her mum couldn’t keep her legs closed to other cocks….lol
    As far as im concerned, women that shit on their men and boot them out of his family, deserve fuck all from him, why the fuck should I pay for the day to day upbringing of a daughter who does not live with me, taken from me, that responsibility is my ex’s and her lovers now…not the fuck mine. I WOULD happily give my daughter whatever she wanted if I was given the chance. but since im forcibly robbed by this fucking agency to hand over my hard earned cash to a fucking woman who can do with it whatever she wants, and she sure as hell don’t spend £300 a month on my daughter. saw her once this yr in 2 yrs and she stank, greasy hair and her clothes looked like Oxfam brought. Fucking bitch is what my ex is like so many others like her, use the ex as a ATM machine and the kids as cash cows.
    When I can decide what I spend my money on for my child and see that she gets ALL of it…then I might change my attitude, until then this shite house agency and the ex’s that exploit its unfair,unjust method of robbing dads….can fuck off!!

  • Bella1988 says:

    Wow “try being nice to him and he might pay” ?? seriously? Shannon should be nice to her ex when there is a non molestation order against him for being abusive and violent?

  • shannon says:

    My god u men really r a class act and as for the women who wrote keep ur legs closed ur a man in drag surly u disgusting human,listen I understand some women do play games with kids I started csa shit because I was sick of being blackmailed over money ,my ex left as I would not abort our third child and then hooked up with a bird that actually left her child I’m currently in recipt of 28 pound a wk for all three boys not each which is vial as he earns 700 a wk but to be honest he puts more up his nose ….. She can have him but I do want what my three boys r worth. I feel sorry for men that do work hard and pay for there kids and the mother stops visits ….. That’s shamefull ….. I’m no money grabber just think 28 pound is unfair my ex is violent and abusive I cant be nice or reason with him …..

  • shannon says:

    My opinion the csa need to help the good dads who do give a toss and execute the tossers that don’t wanna bother……as for silly women who don’t want to spend every penny they get on there kids well u deserve the shite 28 pound I’m being offered …… Tight fuckers ….

  • shannon says:

    I am seriously getting annoyed this csa shit,after requesting yet another variation form sending the evidence of extra income,guess what ….. They have lost it fucking useless people what now ….. How do I sort this

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