Ex tried to use CSA to pay for honeymoon

June 7, 2015

Hello my x wife contacted the csa 3 weeks ago it came as a bit of a shock as we have a private arangement and she decided she wanted more money.

Ok you might think i dont pay much, but before we split up i took a loan out 2 the sum of 15000 payed all her debts of so we agreed 2 ave this private arrangement which was fine,she lives on benifits i e rent paid council tax u name it she is claimin it so when the csa told me how much i had 2 pay i thort wot the hell.

Ive had 2 work 6days a week 2 keep the roof over my head in the last 2 yrs both my mum and dad have passed away so iam all alone on this quest with the csa.

I carnt aford 2 pay a solicitor, but i did recive some realy good news today my xgot married last week very crafy tryin 2 get more money b 4 she went on her honeymoon spain if she had wanted 2 go 2 the moon i would have took out another loan 2 pay 4 the tickets any way the ? i av as she as now enter a civil partnership remarried do i have 2 pay maintince?

Does any body no ehlp without it costin me iam skint pls.


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  1. Andrew T. Llewellyn on June 7th, 2015 4:16 pm

    My ex had hers suspended for 3 months. They over calculated, so I had a 6 month reduction. I asked if they could explain it to her cos she wouldn’t listen to me. Apparently, she went on a rant about depending on that money to pay for her car she’d just bought (bear in mind, she had no licence, not even provisional). So, the lovely lady from CSA pointed out the money was not for that, and came back to me and asked, rather than a 6 month reduction, would I like to pay nothing for 3 months?… Of course I would say yes.

    That is the one and only time CSA has done anything in my favour.

  2. Karen Todd on June 7th, 2015 5:18 pm

    You will still have to pay am afraid .her gettin married doesn’t make a difference as the man she has married is not responsible for yours and her children.they won’t look at his income just yours .and she can claim anything from benefits and you’d still have to pay . She could marry a millionaire and you’d still have to pay . It’s wrong really .they should look at both incomes and leave a certain amount alone to live off but that won’t happen cos csa have targets to meet and they don’t care if u have to live in a cardboard box as long as they get the money x

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