Ex tells CSA lies about my income and they believe her

March 8, 2013

I split from my partner in early 2007 {not amicably} and we have 3 kids together.i moved in with my now wife late 2007 and we have a daughter together.

I hadn’t been employed for a number of years and my wife was claiming tax credits for her myself and our daughter and she was also working 16 hours per week.in april last year i started work for 8 hours per week and received £50 per week for this.however the csa are trying to say i have been self employed and also worked as a roofer in the past few years and i have arrears of over £8000.their information is wrong but when i tried to correct it they didn’t listen and threatened me with bailiffs.

They have no proof of any income i received {cos there is none}but are just guesstimating the income i do receive. i am not trying to ignore my responsibilities but am not paying money that i can’t afford and don’t owe anyway.i have been to the citizens advice bureau with all my income details {payslips, tax credit award certificate} but csa say it has gone to their enforcement department.

It just seems really unfair that a bitter ex can tell the csa whatever she wants and they believe her without any proof.surely this can’t be right.


  • Lisa says:

    Get your.mp on tgw case, make a huge complaint, its not right and the csa must be stopped from using threats, bailiffs have to be instructed by the courts, ask.them to review your case.or.you will have them for maladministration, its wrong they kisten to the pwc when its suppost to be fair to both sides, they have to have proof of.your earnings to make assessments so they know its wrong, throw thw book at them

  • hatethecsa says:

    Paul you would probably better sending for your data prints to see what has gone wrong.It will cost you a tenner but worth it and use postal orders and send it by recorded post.They say it will take you about 40 days but i received mine in a few weeks.Then anything you see wrong see your mp with it.You can find letter templates to ask what for etc.

  • Jo says:

    The pwc cannot just make claims without proof to back them up….a court would ask for her evidence to support her claim. We have had the same problems and csa had no choice but to investigate my husbands income from many years ago by looking at hmrc records, with help from our mp. Please stop ringing the csa, only converse with them in writing with the points you raise and show them you mean business. Always leave a paper trail. And overpayment we made to the pwc on our case csa said we won’t get back, yet have told the pwc she must pay it back even though she was not in receipt of benefits so what’s that about? So she’s appealing this causing more bloody trouble!

  • Sally says:

    Hi Jo… unfortunately they can.. it happened to us 3 times and my partner ended up in arrears because of one of the PWC lies!!

    the PWC lied twice saying that he had got a large pay increase and then she said that he had changed jobs, told the CSA how much his new salary was and they increased the CM amount but didn’t tell him until months later … by which time he was in arrears…

    Neither my partner or the company he works for were ever contacted to ask for proof… he has worked for the same company in the same job for 12 years, his boss wrote to the CSA and included copies of his income for the last few years!! The PWC’s lies (without proof) were believed and it made our life a misery trying to sort out the whole mess…. the arrears (although 100% wrong) were reduced and not cancelled… :-/

  • wilf says:

    Paul:- How can you take payslips to CAB but be unable to send payslips (proof) to the CSA?

  • lisa says:

    The CSA have told me on many occasions that if a PWC rings and tells them information that might cause a recalculation they have to have solid proof ecause the NRP could have them done for keep snooping into his private life should it be untrue,

  • Charlotte says:

    I do feel for you Paul. We are in a similar situation. The only thing you can do is to appeal the order for variation, providing as much paper information as you possibly can in support of your appeal.

    By this I mean send them copies of your tax-return if you do one, copies of your pay slips and P60s, copies of all your bank-statements for the past year (blot out all but the last 4 digits of the account numbers and annotate the statements if there are any payments in or out that could possible cause confusion).

    If you appeal and win, she will appeal and win, then you will appeal again and the whole thing will end up in front of the Tribunals Service, which will then ask you to produce all the information above in any case, within 56 days of the hearing. This process could take up to 2 years however, and you will be stuck paying the highest rate in the intervening time.

    From bitter experience I suggest being super-organised and submitting as much bloody information as you possibly can early in the process and then hounding them by phone until they make decisions. Don’t leave it or expect them to behave in a timely or fair manner.

    I know it seems incredibly intrusive to have to yield your bank-statements etc. but unless you appeal and do just that the CSA will end up assessing you on money you don’t have. Counter to the feeling of justice, with the CSA the onus is on you to prove your innocence, rather than on them, or the PWC, to prove your guilt.

    If you have employers, colleagues etc. who could act as credible witnesses to the wrongness of her claims, then get them to send the CSA signed statements to that effect. Drown them with too much information rather than too little – if you are innocent you have nothing to hide and they will struggle to ignore that.

  • mike hunt says:

    My ex wife regularly phones up the csa when she is bored and invents all sorts of bollocks… She unfortunately can do this whenever she wants and the CSA have a duty to investigate.. It is up to YOU to disprove the allegations.. The PWC doesn’t have to prove a thing.. Bell Ends.. the lot of them

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