Ex stopped paying me direct and went through CSA

January 28, 2012

I divorce my husband in Dec 2005. We had made arrangements that he would pay £660 child maintenance for our 4 kids every month. He paid cash and I gave him receipts. Then in January 2011, he decided to pay via the CSA and my payments dropped to £198 per month as he lied about his income. He has had no contact with the kids for the majority of the 6 years we have been divorced and works as a self employed personal trainer. The thing is, I was given copies of his invoices for the financial year April 200-April 2010 and hes earning approx. £2500 per month as opposed to the £1012 he has claimed to the CSA AND Inland Revenue!

I sent all the evidence to the CSA who said they couldnt do anything about it as they had to take the figures from the Inland Revenue. They advised me to contact the Tax Fraud Office which I did. I can only assume nothing has been done as my CSA has not been reassessed which it would have been if the Inland Revenue had given the CSA new figures for his income.

Now, today 18 January 2012, I have been told that my ex is moving to India (supposedly for 6 months) but I believe its for good as he has been trying to keep it a secret.

So. I called the CSA who told me to expect him not to pay me!! When I said I couldnt survive without his ittle contribution they said that India is out of their jurisdiction. They gave me the number of REMO. I contacted them who said I can get a Court Order for my child maintenance but only once he’s left the country and they will then send it on the the Indian office. However, with out an address for him, they wont be able to do much.

I have no address for him in the uk let alone India (despite us living in the same town!). He is very secretive, sneaky, cold and calculating.

I feel like nobody wants to help me ensure he continues with his payments.

Can you help me please? He flie 15 February 2012 so I need to act quickly!


  • karen bedford says:

    Because of the slowness of the CSA to act I think you need to get hold of you MP urgently, good luck.

  • chall says:


    If HMRC have investigated your ex, I doubt they would automatically contact the CSA with their findings. You may well have to contact the CSA yourself , explaining the situation and requesting they clarify with HMRC if your ex was committing fraud and ask how that will affect the maintenance assessment.

    If your ex continues to be habitually resident in the UK, ie; there is already a home and family in the UK. They may face a bill for ongoing maintenance and arrears accrued during the time spent abroad.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Leanne jones says:

    Shame on him he sounds like a dead beat dad another disgraceful man hope u sort it

  • Sallie Biggs says:


    Thanks for all the replies. Ive tried contacting my MP, but no response as of yet. So, Ive decided to confront him – which can only be done if he answers his phone to me – and ask him outright what his plans for paying me are.

    I dont hold out much hope. The man kept it a secret from us that he’d got a client pregnant and she’d had a child by him last year! (He walked out on her 3 weeks before the baby was due and is yet to set ese on her!!), so for him to answer the phone to me would be a miracle!!

    What drives me mad is that at his place of work at a well known gym in Maidstone, all the members think he’s wonderful because they dont know the real thing and Im sick of seeing and hearing people talking about how wonderful he is!. If only they knew the truth!!

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