Ex stopped paying CSA when he had a new baby

May 19, 2012

I am at my wits end with the CSA. In June 2010 my ex asked them to do an assessment as he was ‘told’ he was paying too much. He was paying £300 per month for 3 kids. We have 4 but he has never paid for our eldest. The CSA took 4 months to assess and during this time he did not pay me a penny.

The CSA told him he had to pay £346 per month and he had to pay the arrears. He refused to do this and begged me to go back to the old arrangement. I agreed stupidly on the condition that if he ever missed I would contact the CSA. In July 2011 when his new baby was born he decided to stop all payments. He had missed 3 already. He got made redundant in May 2011 and walked away with a large cheque and straight into a new job. I asked him why he stopped paying and his answer was Im not paying bills with my redundancy money!!

I contacted the CSA to ask advice and they said it would all have to go through them as he was non-compliant.

I gave all the information I had including details of his 2 new children and where he lived etc. They contacted him asking for payslips etc. This was in Sept 2011. I chase every week and I get the same stupid answers. It will go from his wages, we haven’t had anything from him (which I know he has sent), it will go to court bla bla bla. I really want to scream at these people. Im not a greedy person. Yes the arrears are stacking up but I would never see my ex’s children starve I just want what my children should have. All I ever get is it will be sorted. Its been so long now I feel like giving up. Anyone got any advice??


  • sarah Briers says:

    Get a life n look after yourself if he doesnt want to help its his loss & yes I did and now working to pay for my husbands ex lazy cow!!

  • Carol says:

    CSA are nothing short of useless!

    The CSA would not take his redundancy payment into account as maintenance unless it was over £30,000 (I think) that he received.

    It is really quite bad on the part of the Agency that they have not done their job properly therefore arrears are accruing which when they bother to get round to it will probably place a DEO on his salary to take the maintenance direct. When they do this they can take 40% of his salary. Then obviously this was severely impact on his new family.

    In all honesty as someone who has been on both sides of the Agency I would say do not rely on them doing their job (11 years as a pwc without a penny!).

  • ells says:

    sarah what a disgustin response.this woman is looking after herself and her 4 kids.why shouldnt she ask their father to help support them.she was being reasonable with him by accepting own arrangemen,t.its these men why the csa exist.

  • chall says:


    Although his redundancy payment may not have counted as income, any payment in Lieu of Notice would.

    If you have not done so already, it may be a good idea to escalate your case to a clearly marked written complaint, giving as much detail as possible ie dates, telephone calls etc. Copy in your local MP and ask for their assistance.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Heidi says:

    I do have a life, I run a business and pay my way. I dont see why I should support our kids and he takes the credit, It took two of us to have the children so two of us should support them. I can’t stop him seeing them so what should I do? Swallow it. Er NO!! Thank you for the other comments. I have today written to the CSA and copied it to my local MP. I think the whole system is a joke. Absent parents just do as they please. Its so unfair. No wonder people just want to give up.

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