Ex spends CSA money on herself

January 25, 2011

I had a son with my first wife in 2006. She since decided (largely due to mental health issues) to divorce me, and made up a number of ‘reasons’. I’m paying the standard maintenance to her calculated by CSA, and despite complaints to them directly and via my MP about my financial circumstances, they will not reduce the payments.

I’m still struggling due to debts built up in the marriage from my first wife’s overspending. As I had to put the debt on credit card, CSA will not consider this.

She has over £300k in savings and property, and spends much of the maintenance on herself, e.g. unneccessary private health treatments. Therefore my son suffers with things like clothing and diet.

She will only allow me contact every other weekend- only so that the maintenance does not get reduced.

The CSA say it’s not their problem, and nobody else will take me seriously, not even my ex wife’s GP!

I’m having to pay more maintenance than I can afford, and am also struggling to support my new wife who has disabilities and can’t get benefit (thanks to another incompetent organisation, the DWP).

CSA even invented £60 of ‘arrears’ when all I did was to change my bank account!

I really hope there’s some way the government will listen to the NRP’s whose lives are being ruined by the CSA.

We will soon have to move to a much cheaper area up North (and hopefully one day my son will come and live with us there), as thanks to the CSA, life down south is just not financially sustainable. It will mean even less contact with my son for now, but what choice do we have?


  • neil says:

    My husbands ex makes 24.00 dollars and hour. My husband joined the army so he could get money to pay for child support. last year after speaking to my husband who was in Iraq at the time told me to send his daughter some money for x mas. I called her and said hey im sending you a xmas card I want to make sure you get it. she said dont send it to me now, she was reluctant to tell me they where going on a two week vacation to disneyworld, I was scrapoing up that money to send to her and shes going on vacation?? Her and her mother go to get thier hair done and all kinds of things, while I am just scraping by trying to pay y bills which isnt easy since they take out over 600.00 dollars a month. This child has more then I do which is great but not fair to us.

  • Karl Garrett says:

    I’m in exactly the same situation, so I greatly feel for ya. I’ve done the handing everything over, going bankrupt, having to down size, living out of cars, etc,etc, all whilst the PWC “lords it up”.

    Emmigrate or go contracting, then put a reasonable and realistic amount away for your child, thats what I’m aiming to do (when I can afford it!). The system is there to crush you, they obviously do not care about us “little” NRP’s. 50% in the Making, and 100% screwed for it…. till death do us part and all that!!..

    At times I wish I never had them, and wish I myself was never born, as this life is completely pointless. PWCS and the Feminazis have control, so unless a war happens ( god I hope so, and please land the first bomb on the CSA), then it’s game over.

    As pointless as it may seem..hang in there, our day will come.

  • Lyn says:

    Karl you feel exactly like my ex partner who just lost his house his job and me all because of these people.

    No Solicitor, MP or Judge will go against this organisation. His house was taken and the Case Worker had the cheek to call his previous employer to ask ‘how is he living’. As if they care about how he is living. It was them who put him in this situation in the first place. His previous employer fed up with all the phone calls they have been making over the years told her to get off his phone and that hey have destroyed one of the most genuine guys you could meet. Guess what the Case Worker replied ‘Tough thats how it is’. What sort of people are they.

    At this stage like you my ex partner has nothing left and said they can now take the shirt of his back!!

    The words you say about life seems pointless, my ex partner says that every day but you know the saying what goes around comes around and I hope my partner’s ex wife can sleep and live with herself knowing she has caused him to be homeless. Mind you she is so evil. Anyone who receives money from making someone homeless will never have an hours luck. I hope his bad luck goes with the money she gets.

  • ross wills says:

    if you can obtain proof then take out a private prosecution for theft .the money is for the child not for the pwc to spend on themselves. ive done this and the judge was totally sympathetic to my case strangely my ex closed the case down not long after reciving the court papers

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