Ex son-in-law now out of work, what are we to do?

September 23, 2015

My ex son in law has left his job of 20plus years to take six months off to do up a new house he has bought, and is being supported by his new wife who owns a business. My daughter has been told that any savings he has is disregarded as they are only interested in earnings. What is she to do? She works almost full time, has two children and an ex husband doing well but not paying? Since he is renting whilst doing up his new home, and his parents are housing them on his weekends, he also says he has no need to give my daughter his current address? Is this correct too?

They tell her his new wifes earnings are not relevant and not taken into consideration If he works for her ‘as a favour’ as long as he is not registered as working for her, he is entitled to help her in her business – That any savings he has are not relevant – he does not have to use savings to support his children That they only deal with actual income and if he is renting out his place and living with his wife elsewhere, this does not count either, as it is probably no more than his mortgage on the property.

I think unless you are a parent working and co operating, the CSA are totally useless – to anyone but the people who are employed by them – My daughter doesn’t know what to do as she is struggling as it is, and the minimum payments her ex agreed to pay £360 per month for 2 children aged 12 14 is now at zero.


  • Jo says:

    What CSA are saying is true. I agree with the policy that a new partners earnings should not be used and why should they, they are not her children nor her responsibility. Is there a reason why he is being unreasonable? I know too well how the CSA operate in their draconian ways. Can they both mediate a way forward without csa’s involvement?

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