Ex refuses to work until kid leaves education

September 5, 2014

My partners ex husband has taken voluntary redundancy collecting over 200000 pounds in redundancy pay.

As he is now unemployed he has stopped paying csa. As the amount above is equivalent to two years salary he has no intention of working. His daughter is 17 and he would of had to pay a further nine months of 420 pounds until she left full time education.

Csa has informed my partner as he is unemployed no further payments from him are forthcoming until he finds employment . Is this correct because he has said to other people he has no intention of finding employment until his daughter leaves education, so that his ex wife suffers . Any help?


  • gonk says:

    this is what the csa and greedy ex’s cause, because the system is not fair and many dads object as I do to being forced to hand over stupid amounts of his salary to the ex. The day will be such a good one when this changes and the money does directly to the child by way of food and clothing vouchers. At least that way, he sees where his money is being spent. Hope he never works again, morally wrong but hey…that’s what you and the csa has driven him to. I say well done fella

  • Mr M says:

    A BIG HIGH 5 FROM ME AS WELL. the greedy trout!

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