Ex refuses to pay the CSA

November 19, 2011

I left my husband 11 years ago with our daughter and since then he has only payed arrears of 40.00 per month he has a sports car another car an appartment.

And every year has a few foreign holidays then on the 3rd of October the csa sent me a letter saying he has to pay 89.56 per week for his daughter plus arrears, when i phoned to see when i was recieving a payment they said hes refusing to pay so we have handed it over to a debt collector so hes got of with paying 40.00 per month no where in the csa book does it say that this happens. They say they can take it from his wages they can take him to court he could even go to prison why was none of these steps taken with me instead of just handing it over to debt collectors .

Then when you ring csa they tell you all different stories they are rubbish as far as im concerned. You shouldnt be allowed to send people letters with how much they are going to recieve and then just palm me off disgrace.


  • leigh says:

    I am currently receive my payments via a deductions of work order have you asked them the reason why they cannot take one?

  • allison menzies says:

    My husband left me 1 year ago for a 19 year old. I have 3 boys and get 40 a week, he has his own .buisness 2 cars and house and I am currently staying in homeless unit. The Csa told me I have to investigate this on my own although he was violent towards me. I think the Csa is a complete joke.

  • m.darby says:

    the csa are a joke and dont care about single mums. the system is a farce, they care more about the non resident parent or themselves.

  • karen bedford says:

    Unfortunately this is nothing new, you need to make a complaint in writing (recorded delivery) then appeal on lifestyle not consistent etc – departure – also ask about the Criminal Compliance Unit involvement to investigate via credit ref agencies. Good luck – please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for support and advice.

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