Ex refuses to look after her child with the money I send

September 24, 2014

What can i do if my Ex does not use csa payments on 1 of my children?

I have 2 sons who live with their mother but she refuses to buy or pay anything for the eldest who is 16.

Dont know how anyone cantreat a child this way and would appreciate some advice.


  • Gonk says:

    Harry…this is what pusses me off beyond believe. I think it’s disgusting that a Nrp has no right, no say on how or even if his money is actually being spent on his child.
    Because of this, it’s open to abuse and for a lot of p’swc to do whatever they want with. My daughter for instance, saw her back in June this year. She was wearing clothes that looked like hand me downs or brought from a charity shop, tatty shoes, her hair was a mess and she smelt like she needed a bath. So WTF is my ex doing with the £300 a month she legally robs from me ? Certainly ain’t spending it on my daughter. Fucking child support agency…..my arse….Ex wife support agency is more fitting.

  • Gonk says:

    Typo error
    This is what pisses me off….I meant to say

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