Ex refuses to let my daughter spend time with my new partner

January 1, 2012

Myself and my ex partner splited up due to cheating on me with her next door neighbour which i was badly stabbed in the forearm by her boyfriend at the time. I have got a little 3 year old girl called keiara,I see her wednesdays and every other weekend, Which is goin fine.I currently pay £50 a week cash in hand which i beleive is a lot for 1 child due to being on a low wage and bills to pay,Anyway my main concern is that ive moved on with my life now with my current pregnant girlfriend. But my ex partner wont let me take my little girl on my weekends 2 c my girlfriend, Its basically her way or no way.

I asked her on boxing day could my girlfriend come round my mum and dads for dinner as she is carrying their grandson but since ive got keiara all over xmas im not aloud to spend xmas with my girlfriend and have a future because of my ex partner’s say so. My ex has had another baby after my relationship with the bloke who stabbed me and no longer on the seen and currently in a new one.

I want to take this to court but i want to be put in the right direction will i be intitled to legal aid? can u help


  • joanne says:

    It’s time to start standing up to your ex, my advice is see a solicitor, you are entitled to free half hour so write down any points etc so not to waste time. Also start leaving a paper trail with cm payments, never give cash in hand just incase she goes to the csa and then where’s your proof of payment? Also get proof that you have your daughter weekends, ie written down in a diary with your exs signature, as csa payments based on shared care etc. This poor child is not a rag doll…hope your ex realises that she can’t play god with peoples lives. Good luck

  • Mick says:

    If you are working you wont get legal aid to fight your case.Does your ex have a residency order in place? Is your name on the childs birth certificate? I ask because if you are registered as the childs father and your ex does not have a residency order issued by the courts, you have equal rights under the law to see your daughter and/or have your child with you just as much as she has. Going to court could end up being an expensive game for you, not for your ex if shes on benefits. She will get legal aid. It never ceases to amaze me how a mother that no longer wants to be with the father of a child made jointly by the 2 of you seems to think they have the right to play god when the dad moves on to be with someone else. They dont want you any more but they dont want you to be with anyone else either. So the child gets used as a pawn against the NRP. They are not thinking of the childs welfare, only their own selfish motives.

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