Ex refuses to give me more money despite three pay rises!

February 5, 2018

My ex has been giving me 160 for my 3 children for 8 years now. he has had 3 pay rises an comes out with an income of 3 grand a month. since my eldest daughter turned 17 and was pregnant he has reduced my payments to 120 for my other 2 children. i think i should be recieving more but he refuses to give me any more. i would like to investigate to see if he is paying me the correct amount for my ther 2 children.


  • David says:

    Dear Fiona

    If what you are saying about your ex-partner’s income is true, then you would be entitled to 16 per cent of his gross income. That would be considerable more than you are getting presently.

    If you require help with getting this money, email me in the first instance at [email protected]


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