Ex refuses private arrangement to stay with the CSA

July 12, 2012

I have been paying csa for my daughter for 14 years and i’m still on the old system.

I retired from the royal navy in march 2012.

I met my parner in 2006 and had a child in 2008 which i informed csa and an assessment was made. i’m married now and we have another child together and as we moved from a flat to a house i informed csa again!

Now i was paying £275 pm but that soon shot up to £420 once i informed csa of my change of circumstances. they informed me csa won’t take my wife’s wages into consideration? yer right!

Now i’m retired my wages are in my bank via pension not as a serving member so my daughter’s mum hasn’t recieved any money! i told csa and have always kept them informed! now there looking at my pension and i’m worried not only for me but for my wife and two kids and my daughter!

I asked my daughters mum if she would come away from the csa and that i’d pay per month £100 out of my £600 pension but she has told me no as that wasn’t enough and wanted to stay with the csa!

Now i’m still on the old system and everyone else seems to be on the new one! so i was paying 25% which is actually for 3+ kids? work that one out! i am not saying i don’t want to pay for my daughter but i want to be treated fairly and the assessment should be taken from 15% of what i earn as for 1 child!

This stressed me out over the years and of which nearly killed me but my daughters mum doesnt give a monkeys all she wants is as much as she can get out of me.
she has also asked for clothes for school etc which over the years before meeting my wife i did do but i have said no because i was paying enough.

Now my daughter was due to go to my parents house up north for a week and my sister was planning to take her up i couldn’t go as i’m a house husband now looking after 2 kids.now her mother asked me to buy my daughter some clothes for school and give her some money for the week at my parents of which i said i’ll only do one not both! she then informed me that her parents are getting her clothes so i gave my sister money for the week for my daughter for spends.

Now my family have taken days off work to take my daughter out but now my daughters mother has now said she has to be back 3 days early. now as my sister is driving her up and back that means my sister would have to come back early of which i told her no as its her week off work and she was taking my daughter up as planned or it wasn’t going to happen! now is it me or is it coincidence that a change of mind has happened now she hasn’t had any money?

She has another child with her bloke and i’m happy for them. she works and as she informed me the csa had told her that she can work and earn as much as she likes and that it wouldn’t effect what she got off me! how does that work? when did that change?

All i want is to be treated fairly, not saying i won’t pay but paying up to 33% is a joke. 15% i’m more than happy with or i’d even go up to £150 pm moving out of the csa but she still wouldn’t go with that!

I’m at the end of my tether, stressing out on the outcome of the assessment. will she be entitled to any money at all or will they hammer me as per usual! i don’t know!

Worried that the outcome could effect my marriage and that would be a final nail in the coffin!

Story finished i know i have gone on far too long.


  • footprint says:

    Based upon £600 per month less personal allowance and housing costs of about £65 per week your assessment would be Nil
    £600 x 12 = 7200 / 52 =£133.00 per week less £71.00 PA less Housing Costs £68.00 = nill payment That does not include any shared care or personal allowance for any children in your household

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