Ex playing the CSA game to get the most out of me

October 1, 2017

My ex has reported me to the CSA I see my son 6 days out of 7 every other week he stay with me every other weekend. during the week i pick him up from school give him dinner and drop him home at 21.00hrs he can not stay over during the week as i work shift work and leave the house at 04.00hrs. the ex has now claimed the maximum amount of money from me. i now can not afford to keep my house and pay the CSA. this means i will have to move sixty miles away from my son and only see him every other weekend from now on. the ex earns three times more money than me she has a baby with a new partner who earns more money than me as well. the person who will suffer the most is my son as he will only see me every other weekend now how is this fair. the CSA say the only way i can pay less is if i have him over night, all my son dose is sleep in his bed at night he is not costing her anything by sleeping. the ex has worked the system to her benefit.


  • Tock says:

    If he staying with you over night for than 3 days than you have to put the form in for CHB (child benefit)
    After you claim that. You can give the CHB letter to CSA. You also can have the children when ever. You are partner can’t stop you from keeping the children over night. But child must attend schools at normal.

  • David says:

    Hello there

    If you are managing to see your son as often as you are, you are a very lucky man. Do not put your time with your child at risk; Time with your child is more precious than money.

    What I advocate is that you have a Private LEGAL Agreement with your ex-partner. You simply need to negotiate a fair amount between you then have someone (like myself) draft the agreement for you. This is legally binding and gives her confidence you will pay regularly. Another option is to go through the CMS and choose the Direct Pay option. This enables you to pay her direct. If this fails the CMS will charge you 20 per cent on top of every payment made each month. It is a lot to have to falk out.

    I would seriously ensure you keep on the good side of your ex-partner and settle between you rather than involve the CMS at all. I would advocate you seek help with this (you can reach me on [email protected]).

    Take care

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