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Ex pays more for his new family than for my five children

I have been separated from my ex for years and we have five children together.

He has never paid for them until i got csa on him. He started giving me twenty pound a week for them all. He started messing me about with payments so i contacted csa again, when they finally dealt with our case i received a letter back saying they take into account for his new partners 14 year old child into account. They said they take into account his earnings, which is fine, but he is ment to pay 42pounds for our five kids and 35 for her one.

They dont take her wages into account. I am a single mum who would love nothing more to go out to work and not have hand outs for my family, but how do they expect us to do this when there is no justice for single parents?

The nrp get away with having children and not paying for there kids and end up paying for someone else. Can anyone help me with this? I have been to mps and dont know where else to take it cause i really aint happy about this!!!

63 thoughts on “Ex pays more for his new family than for my five children

  1. still waiting to recieve what i was assessed to be paid to help raise my child.People who have children and choose to live on benefits should be given vouchers for food….NOT cash. to pay for cigarettes and alcohol and drugs. Is that where my taxes go ? I hgave worked full time since the 2nd week of my daughters life. I feel her father should contribute to her upkeep.

  2. Tracy you cheeky cheeky butch you been getting paid every week throe standing order i cant believe you still coming on to this site and lying omg you have only just stopped harassing us with csa texts you get your money what they tell us to pay we pay it every week all i say is csa is dealing with the claim stop hounding us if you that hard up why did you go ahead and have another baby you idiot

  3. Well Terry if my daughters father had been paying what he should have. Then please tell me why i just got a schedule saying i will now get 66 per week. Made up of 28 per week he should pay . With the extra 38 per week being arrears. And asking me why i had another baby? Because i work full time and provide for my already born child. Why did you have another child when you were both out of work accepting benefits and not able to support a child already. I think i was in a better position than you to choose to ave a child. Personally i dont think people on benefits should be breeding.Not until they can stand on their own two feet and support themselves. Benefit wallers having kids should be made a crime as they are the idiots who have plunged our society into the jeremy kyle mentality we have. Also i will happily provide ALL proof i have that terrys husband has not been paying the assessed amount. What i think is worse than not paying support is not phoning to speak to his daughter knowing full well she is waiting on a phone call. But is actually the only evidence i need to prove he actually does not have my daughters bes interests at heats. What a looser my poor girls sperm donor is!!

  4. pmsl tracy get a grip look i have never met you i have read everything what people are saying about you on here that explains it doesn’t it and like i said we pay what csa has told us to pay what more can we do ffs woman get a grip of yrself and you stop my husband having contact over the phone every time he phones you slams the phone down on him look back at yr previous messages to everyone why do you say about drugs emm sorry when my husband come to pick his daughter up what happened to u nose bleed and you said ooops to much c— dont go down that road with me you got social services on to me i do not no you never met you and i never want to you are a horrible person you threatening my husband that youre husband is going to adopt his daughter you blackmail old peaple into giving you there pension you are horrible just leave us alone and let us get on with life i pitty your new husband

  5. this from a woman who text me on her wedding night asking to physically fight.All my claims i can prove. You cant prove any. In fact i can prove contrary.When you accused my of blackmail, i myself called the police. They have copys of everything including my bank statements. I called social on Kelvin as he left my 11 year old daughter outside in the beer garden while he played pool in the roughest pub in town.Not to mention her missing super dry coat. Not to mention he saw her 5 days out of the 14 she was in his care.and one of those se spent alone at the pub. Now stop popping zopiclone by the half dozen, they are screwing with your head

  6. i have just been reading this Tracy stop your lying my daughter means the world to me i would never leave her by herself all my friends was there i was not playing pool alibi pub in plainmoore is not a rough pub so who ever giving you that info its a load of lies but then that’s what your life is one big lie Terri wanted to see you that night as you were taking my daughter back home the next day and the reason she wanted to knock yr head of was that you blackmailed my old mum if she did not put 125 in your bank account you was coming to take my daughter back to Yorkshire and she would not be bridesmaid at my wedding thats what i call a evil bitch you no the truth and so does a lot of people why are you slating my wife because she takes sleeping tablets is she doing something wrong but then you say her son has a habit drug habit that’s bang out of order my step son has no habit he a good son to me and his mother never any trouble

  7. and as for alibi. the social worker called it a rough hole. and called it fly bait. And do you really think your comments about your wife wanting to hit me (at her age) just shows why i would not let y daughter ANYWHERE near her. Sleeping tablets are one thing but to pop 6 3.75 mg zopiclone is abuse of prescription medication, mixed with vallium ….. not good. Doctors dont prescribe both or t such high doses. i am qualified in medication so i know what i am talking about. and the side effects these drgs cause ,your wife presents. so another reason why my precious child wont go any where near her. and i wont even start on your short comings as a suitable father. And yes i did say i would pick her up if you did not pay the support. as the day i was due to collect her i had off work and if you had not paid support i would have needed to work overtime on the day i was due to collect her. to make up the 125 he was not going to pay. You were nothard up. you went on holiday that month. even forgot your daughters birthday. then in october a month after her birthday she recieved a cheque for her birtday which bounced. I am not perfect but can say i have always put my daughter FIRST before drink, holidays. her needs are the priority…..can you say the same ? NO NO NO

  8. is that you accusing me of popping pills tracy halford
    you need to get over this my love i have a beautiful baby who needs me how dare you say i am doing that do you really no me no you don’t i think you need to get the proof my dear what the hell is your problem well everyone that knows me noes different get a grip you have nothing left in your sad pathetic life but to still hassle me i have had to change all our emails and numbers as you keep harrasing me why don’t you do your research a bit more about me instead of listening to sad peps like yourself i see you are still lying am i not allowed to go on holiday you apparently go 3 times a year that,s very lucky some of us cant afford that as we have children to buy new clothes for and feed and bills to pay oh was that my honeymoon holiday you going on about and Tracy how the hell can a social worker from pontifact Yorkshire no what a pub is like in torquay devon beats me and why would you be involved with social workers are you finding it hard to cope lets just say you a big girl you will be ok think you mite need to go doctors chick as you don’t seem right to me maybe baby depression setting in there a lot of help you can get for that you not on your own there
    to many people get it after having a baby i do feel for you even tho i have never met you but by reading into yr messages you are a bit unwell i did many years working for mental health i no the sings love go doctors and you will begin to enjoy life again you take care tracy and i sure everything in your life will turn out good for you TTFN XXX

  9. excuse spelling

    and stop lying what woman who just had a baby would go back to work after 2 weeks she obviously did not mean that much to you
    and it was 5 mths when you went back to work in the shop stop lying

  10. firstly, you posted all over your own face book that you was having to take 6 zoplicone as you only have 3.75 mg. and then went on to say your aunt sallys were being delivered the next day. and it was a torquay social worker who told me what she did about the pub….when i reported him for leaving her in a pub when in fact i found out he left her outside the pub.And as for not well. it is not me who has sat up all night posting on csa hell . And when my eldest was was two weeks old i went back to work as her father earned a pittance and still demanded he went to pub twice a week. some one had to pay to feed her…that would me me as i have always done. and my youngest i went back to work when she was 8 months. so wrong on both points. And as for harrassment i changed both mine and my daughters mobile numbers as advised by the police in september. i have not called any of your phones nor would i want to. the other day you admitted checking out my fb wall. you heard nothing from me then at half one in morning 3 days later you e mailed me.and so it starts again…..only one person with problems and that is you my dear. to actually be so sad that you have st up and typed about me from 21.05 yesterday fight through untill half six this morning . now that is an ill person. How does such an ill person raise two kids work full time and be debt and mortgage free by the age of 32. My life is a complete success. look where you are at . bankrupt, rented home as old as my mum no job no prospects. you are living my past love i am living my life. gess you will be sleeping now following your epic all nighter typing about me ha ha lol sleep tight catch those zzzzzzzs

  11. i hope you have got you,r money issues sorted now that you,r ex won that large amount on lottert and you put that child first instead of arguing on this site disgusting .

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