Ex Partner refusing contact so the CSA claim more

January 18, 2012

I was just wondering if anyone could give me a bit of advice….

My partner is currently battling with his ex over contact to see his daughter. She got the CSA involved previously [for some unknown reason, even though he was already giving her more than the CSA would claim] and he now makes his monthly payments.

It has been an ongoing action of hers to refuse him to see his daughter for random, unjustified reasons, and simply will not allow him to pick his daughter up for their agreed weekend contact. There has been a phonecall before from the CSA after one of these occurances saying as he wasnt having his daughter that weekend, he would have to pay his ex more money, even though it was not his choice to cease contact.

It has now hit rock bottom and contact has ceased completely through her dictation, mediation has been held and unsuccessful, I am just concerned she will start demanding more money through the CSA because he is not seeing his daughter [even though she will not let him, as apposed to he refuses to]

can anyone give me any advice on if we have a leg to stand on regarding not having to pay extra just because she says so?

salt in the wound – there has been a pattern to her refusing contact and therefore claiming more money – for example paying for her and her boyf to go on holiday, needing money to go on a boozy weekend away and shopping for new shoes on boxing day……..desperately need to know where we stand so we can fight the CSA and their unfairness


  • Bob says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Tell your partner to go and post on: http://www.dadtalk.co.uk/forum/legal-eagle

    Lots of advice can be given regarding getting a contact arrangement set up

  • chall says:


    The CSA will only apply a shared care reduction if the qualifying child/ren meet their required overnight criteria.
    Your problems echo that of a lot of non resident parents ~ no consolation, I know.

    The main unfairness which needs focus is your OH gaining access to his daughter. Any CSA reduction for shared care can be dealt with afterwards.
    There are some websites offering sound contact advice. If your OH decides to go to court to try and gain a contact order as a Litigant in person, some have McKenzie Friends that may attend with him .

    Best wishes

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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