Ex offers no support for his son

June 15, 2012

I have a nine year old son, Regan Dewar (previously Tivendale) to Alan James Tivendale.

Alan resides in Dundee, with his parnter Kelli Scott and her daughter Caitlin.

Alan works, apparently in a pub, in Dundee but I receive no money from him for our son. He told me he was working off-shore and was earning £1000 a week, but still did not offer any money for his son. Both Alan and his partner drive new cars and go on regular holidays abroad. He obvioulsy has money at his disposal, but out of bitterness toward me, will not provide for his son.

Regan has ADHD and is receives DLA for his condidtion. Alan provides absolutely no support for him and I am having an increasingly difficult time, both finincially and emotionally.

Alans parents, Marjorie and James, keep regular contact with Regan. Alan told them that he was giving me money for Regan, and that I stopped him from having contact with our son. This is not true.

A couple of years ago Alan had Regan in the footwell of his friend’s car because the police drove past. I told Alan that I was not comfortable handing my son over to someone who is so irresponsible, and that if he wanted to maintain contact with Regan, he would have to do so under my supervision.

I allowed Alan to start having Regan again last year but he has failed to maintain contact and comes up with varying unbelievable excuses as to why he cannot collect his child. He never phones or visits his son. The last time he made any effort to see his son was last Septmeber when Regan was hospitalised for a week with chicken pox. Regan was very ill and had to receive morphine on admission. Alans parents came in to visit Regan the day he was admitted and Alan came the following day, at his parents command!

I think that Alan should be paying to support his child, when he clearly has money. It is unfair to Regan and financially straining on me.

I was receiving £5 per week through the CSA but, to my knowledge this has stopped. I checked my bank statement and I cannot find it on there. Im not sure when or why it stopped but I would like to know why I no longer receive it and also, why I am not receiving more money, as Alan works.


  • chall says:


    You should contact the CSA and find out what is happening with your case.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Anonymous says:

    Love how she names and shames. Could name and shame a few things about her.

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