Ex not willing to meet me half-way to see my daughter 60 miles away

September 14, 2012

I have a problem with my ex partner with money situations. I have payed money into her bank since the day we split for our little girl and have prof off it! I live 60 miles away from my daughter and have to pick her up and drop her off every other week. My ex partner drives and says if I wanna see her I should get her and drop her off. This is fine as my daughter is my world but on a £800 a month take home and bills I have to pay.

It’s getting beyond a joke and so hard to keep finding money for petrol to pick her up!!! I work 3 nights a week and only see my daughter 6 days in a months which I think is disgusting because she’s not willing to meet me half way or pick her up if I drive down to get her!

Is there anything I can do or any support I can get about this, it feels like I pay her £100 a month witch we both agreed on or maybe more if I can afford it for seeing my daughter 72 days a year…

Please help

Dane Mansfield


  • louise says:

    Not a thing. My husband drives 160 miles to collect his children 160 miles to drop them back off again, every two weeks. His ex moved his kids away and will under no circumstance help out by meeting him half way. He has picked them up numerous times, only to find his ex has left them with her new boyfriend, while she has traveled to our home town on the coach on the same day (to have a weekend with old friends). its her opinion that if my husband wants to see his kids thats his problem. The CSA will not take this into account, they are not interested if you cant afford it. They expect you and your family to pay, and they dont care if it means you cannot get to see your kids (that isnt important to them)
    in the CSAs opinion MONEY matters more that your kids seeing their father.
    The whole system stinks! Good luck.

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