Ex not paid a penny since child was born

January 13, 2013

My daughter was born in December 2010, her Dad refused to pay any maintenance until April 2011- so still owes me 4 months worth of maintenance.

After a long court case (Nov 2012) he was granted residence and is NOW trying to get CSA involved to make me give him payments. I agree that I should give him money for her, and obviously am willing to pay for my own daughter.

But when I spoke to the lady from CSA she told me I couldn’t do anything about him not paying me for those four months. Surely that’s not right? Can anybody help with how I can get those payments, or will I have to result in taking him to court about it? I have paperwork from the day she was born which shows he didn’t pay anything …


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  1. Alice on January 13th, 2013 5:06 pm

    CSA can only collect Child Support from the date a case is opened – the initial effective date is set in accordance with the date the CSA make contact with the Non-resident Parent (can be by phone or by sending a letter).

    You state that your ex partner started making payments to you in April 2011 – was this via a CSA case or private agreement? If you opened a CSA case in April 2011 then they cannot help in collecting anything prior to this date.

    If your ex has now opened a CSA case you will be liable to pay maintenance for your daughter effective from the date they opened the case – again this will be in accordance with the date they first made contact with you. The assessment will be based on your income, you will be given allowances for any other children in your household and also for shared care if you have your daughter staying with you overnight for 52 nights or more per year.

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