Ex never worked a day in her life

February 8, 2013

My gripe with csa is I was a successfull chef for 7 years making a decent ish wage my ex was never worked a single day in her life sge had her first child at 19 who I brought up as my own since day one and now is 7 soon and I’m still as much his father as our other 2 children.

Me n the ex have my step son 7 soon my daughter 6 soon and my son 3 soon I left when she fell pregnant with my son so nearly 3.5 years ago she met her new boyfriend I say that in every meaning of the word she was 24 and him 17. She moved him in I had loads of hassle for about first 2 years from them both now they have a daughter of one so in there flat they have a 7,6,3,1 year old 2 mine 2 not technically she did try and claim csa for my step son along with the rest I said I am not biologically his father I am what he knows as his dad but I will not be giving her extra money she even took it to the point where I did a DNA test but then she admited before making our son do the test that I am not his biological dad.

So problem of double stands 1. If I said I’m not the farther of a child then csa say do DNA then turns out I’m the father I have to pay for whole DNA test, but she made me do DNA test and knowing I’m not the father yet after admitting I’m not she did not have to pay for the did fees and DNA centre fees, how’s that fair. 2 now I live with my new partner of one year who has a 9 year old. Me and my partner will be married soon then may choose to have another child I checked the calculation for this and csa only goes down £1 a week so the ex has a child and lives with the father they both have never worked evey she 27 he 20 now I think yet they have 2 children biologically mine and 2 not, then if me and my partner have another which would be 2 in our house hold it goes down by £1. Why should I pay for and he doesn’t get a job to support his kid.

I have nearly always worked yet they sit on there arse do nothing and I just give them money to smoke and drink away my kids don’t get any extra that they wouldn’t all ready of gotten from her by her claiming benifit all these years. Do basically I’m just supporting the ex bitch and her boyfriend so they don’t have to worry about working and they can still have a good time killing there self with smoke and alchol. The govement has gone too shit what happens to equall rights when it comes to kids fathers are lucky if they have 5% to the ex’s 95%. I feel this is all based on the small % of dead beat dads that try and hide from csa.

But if you check statistics there is probably the same amount of single fathers who’s childrens mothers font even have too pay csa which is point 3 a woman doesn’t have to pay csa if she decideds to leave the child with the father what a load of shit. Lets just make more arguments between mothers and fathers by introducing csa to rob the working man so they get so stressed they take their life or go mad. Equal rights is bull shite. It should go back to most of csa is taking from the mothers benifit which will make them get there own money.

I have nothing against mothers who work they deserve to get all the money from csa but the ones that sit on there arse and expect it screaming and demanding YOU OWE ME MONEY. Ha yeah that is where the really storry lies. You lady you want it for yourself you lazy cow. Well when you are nearly 40 my csa will stop my kids will be grown and then after 24 years of you too sitting on your arse how will you survive I hope they even stop jsa aswell then you will not get a penny and my kids would of left home and choose me as a parent over a lazy cow like you.

My message to all the fathers in the same situation is dont worry evey woman who treated you tge same over your kids will feel the way you feel one day for a lot longer as they will have no child benifit and child tax to drink and smoke away. Stay strong brothers and to all tge young men with no kids yet keep it in your pants get married then have kids and you will have a more equal say with your children


  • trayme75 says:

    Well said!

  • gonk says:

    yes well said indeed,I can relate to 100%
    my useless cow of an ex walked out on me for another bloke after just 9months married,took my little girl with her and now im screwed by the csa for the priviledge for over £300 a month sigh..this is a lazy cow too,never done a hard days work in her life,has a rent free house,counciltax paid and all the other benefits under the sun and now my money suppliments her and the blokes income that lives with her.Oh and she wont tell me where she lives cause she knows id try and shop her for benefit fraud..claiming as a single parent when her partner lives there and works full time..This system sucks for the hard honest working type like us but seems to reward the lazy bastards out there.

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