Ex moves jobs to avoid the CSA

March 29, 2012

I am absolutely fed up with being pushed from pillar to post by the child support office. My ex has for the past 8 years moved from job to job to avoid the csa. They took him to court and although he hasn’t paid for years because he paid £50 he got away without going into the court room. I have told the csa 8 times over the past 8 years that we do not have shared care yet when my ex claimed benefits for a while I was told he didn’t have any money deducted as we have shared care.

I feel that unless I call up every week nothing gets done on my case.

I have been on the phone to them this morning and have been spoken to extremely rudely.

I find it extremely unbelievable that the government now want to charge parents to use this absolute joke of a system.

I am now off work sick with ME and am struggling to put food on the table yet he drives around in a brand new van laughing at us.

If the government had to pay single parents the money and then claim it back of the parents it would be a different matter.

the only people that lose out here are the children who are living in poverty while the absent parents have the life they wish to lead.


  • Carol says:

    I am sorry you are going through that but the system is a complete shambles and should be done away with.

    I know that in my case my partner who is being crucified by the CSA and the way they work it is in fact my family who are financially struggling and we cannot provide for our own kids because of the CSA incorrect arrears and we both work. Most NRP do not have the life they wish to lead because of the CSA.

    I have been on both sides of the CSA as a pwc trying to get maintenance (never received a penny for 11 years) and someone engaged to a NRP who is being crucified.

  • Terry norris says:

    Yes Carol is 100% correct….NRP’s DO NOT have the life they wish to lead, and the csa don’t give a shit about the welfare of the kids…if they did ,then they would do something to ensure that the money they rape the NRP of is at least spent on the child or children.as the system is at the moment ,they couldn’t give a toss how or who it’s spent on…it’s not on there list of priorities at all.I am robbed of £320 each month for 1 child that was taken away from me when she was 3 because her mother decided to have an affair after just 9 months of marriage.I not only never see my daughter anymore unless her mother says so but now could no longer afford to because of how much money her and the csa rape me of each month.I have to sell my car and get a second hand runaround.so don’t assume all NRP’s have it easy.
    9 times out of 10 it’s the NRP that gets the raw deal

  • John says:

    The local elections aren’t far off. I will be spoiling my ballot paper and enclosing newspaper articles about M.P.’s and CSA staff expenses. If only we had more George Galloways to tell our self ingratiating M.P.’s where to go!

    What happens bewtween parents and children, has nothing to do with politicians or civil servants!

  • Pamela says:

    The best way I am finding to deal with the CSA at the moment is to speak to whoever answers the phone and then when they cannot answer your question just ask to speak to a Supervisor, if they say one is not available at the moment request a call back to which you will be told it could be by close of business the following day. Don’t accept this and say it has to be today as you are available today only. If you don’t get the call back that day, keep ringing and complaining. It’s time we started getting persistent with them as this is the only way they will get anything done.

    As for paying for using the CSA, how incredulous is that!! Who actually wants to use them, it is a government body that was set up to replace the Magistrates Court which the tax payers already provide for. If they think I am earning, paying tax, getting no maintenance money and paying for the privilege they can %&*$ “££

  • Pamela says:

    Hey John, what’s that about CSA staff expenses??? Where can I find out more about this? Thanks.

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