Ex made my life worse by not paying tax

October 10, 2017

I have had a wages arrestment for non payment of Council Tax from 2010/11 when I lived in a Marital home.

The debt is in mine and my ex Wifes names, however as she has not paid, they have arrested my wages and I am paying the full amount.

Subsequently as a result of losing almost £245 a month after tax, national Insurance etc, I have been unable to pay Child Maintenance, which I have always paid.

Now the CSA want to enforce a deduction from my already low monthly wage. Can they do this?


  • David says:

    Hi John

    Yes they can. They will take a percentage from your salary, depending on the number of children you have. You should write to both the CMS and Council to explain your circumstances and ask that the sum being paid at present be reduced as they are causing you financial hardship. Provide them with a list of income and expenditures.

    You need my help with this or any other related matter? Email me at [email protected].


  • Tock says:

    Yes for CSA. But council tax you both are responsible for it. So it mean that you and you are partners need to go 50/50 on it. So get in touch with council tax and let them know. Why you both should go 50/50 on it

  • Tony says:


    I’d like some information if possible regarding the below, which I shall make as brief as I can, there maybe others in a similar situation?

    20 years ago I had a brief on/off relationship lasting several months, the outcome, my partner at that time became pregnant which was fine and what we both wanted at that time, even though my partner had a lot of personal issues and frequently broke off the relationship only to rekindle it again a few days later

    Anyway, 2-3 weeks into the pregnancy she decided againto end the relationship only this time for good, I was naturally devastated and for several months did my best to make contact, keep in touch, but she was adamant that there would be no rekindling of the relationship and that she also did not want me in the child’s life

    Time went by, I moved on, married, and had children of my own, then, out of the blue I received a letter about 5-6 years ago from the CSA, my ex partner was trying to get in touch as the daughter had some serious illness and she wanted to find out my family history, i was also informed that they (CSA) or my partner were not after money just contact,I was given a contact number and after3-4 weeks I rang, explained there was no family illness related to the daughters condition, I did ask if I could have access to see her, I was refused

    Several months later I received another letter from on the CSA only this time demanding money, over the past 5-6 years I have been in dispute with them, several phone calls, one telling me I will be fined and sent to prison! If I did not pay, I’ve explained my situation several times only to get no response and receive the usual standard letters demanding money, currently as it stands I’m told I owe a lump sum of £18000 or I can pay £80 a week!

    My point/question is….is the ex partner allowed to, after 14 years on no contact, who has refused me contact with the daughter, bear in mind idint know her or have never seen her! Is she entitled to put a claim
    in after this time? surely questions have to be asked, how has she supported the daughter without my financial help for 14 years? Why all of a sudden decide to put a claim in? the daughter is now coming up for 20, is in full time employment and does not live with her mum! So the £18000 is to go straight into her mums bank account is it?

  • Tony says:


    Any info as regards to my last post would be very appreciated

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