Ex lives in a mansion paid for by benefits

August 10, 2011

Wife had an affair. She moved into a mansion paid by benefits. I am still in marital home. CSA have asked for money, but the money is going to be paid to my ex wife! How the hell can that work?

I have the kids 3 nights per week where I pay for food and everything else they need. I want to know what I can do to stop the money going to her and to my kids.

Why is it only blokes complaining about the CSA on here, is that an indictment of our courts, law, and society?



  • Emma Yeomans says:

    I agree – they automatically assume that the Dad has done a runner – they aren’t all sleaze balls. I reckon that we ought to start a petition – we need to bring this to the media attention. They are wrecking peoples lives. They want almost half my husbands wage for a period of time that he paid. Apparently we didn’t pay enough! Some 4 years later they are asking for £6,500 in arrears and are yet to provide us with a breakdown. He has had the letter three weeks and if he doesn’t pay £533 by the end of the week (which we have not got) then they are deducting it direct from his wages. He has paid everything they have asked of him to date but he can’t meet this demand and we will without any doubt be destitute as a result. Doesn’t seem to matter that we have a 6 year old and that I am having another in December. I have literally cried for two days. I am supposed to be looking to the future but instead I am worrying about it. It’s a load of rubbish………..

  • michael love says:

    Can you not ask the solicitor if there is anything in human rights law to stop them. Unfortunately what you need to do is split up, rake in all the benefits and have him live with you, but always leaving by the back door. So you need to get somewhere where there is a cul de sac and a back alley, somewhere where the other Nazi police cannot take photos of him leaving your home. He also needs not to have any clothes in the house, or minimum amount as I think you can say he stays one night a week, or something like that.

    No matter what way you look at it, they leave no other choice but for ordinary good hard working people to break the law in some respect.

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