Ex lies to CSA

July 9, 2011

I seem to have a rather eventful last few months for some reasons problems have appeared out of nowhere,

I separated from my ex around 2.5 years ago now. Shortly after leaving we checked with the CSA what payments i should be making to her and since then i have paid every month without fail the amount set by CSA though directly to my ex rather than through them,

Throughout the years i have tried to assist my ex with many things like buying my daughter a bed for my ex’s house as well as put clothes on her back and shoes, i want my daughter to have the things she needs which should make life a little easier for my ex looking after her.

Recently my ex asked me for more money i simply didnt have so has decided to try and get CSA to take the money directly

I see my daughter every other weekend at the moment and love every single moment i get to spend with her.

My ex has advised CSA that i never see my daughter and that i have not paid her the last 3 months worth of payments.

These were done via direct bank transfer but the case worker i just spoke too said that having proof does not matter as my ex has said she has not received it so this is gospel to them,

now they are trying to take money straight from my earnings despite me being open with the CSA and offering my bank details for a direct debit they seem incapable of setting up.

i even can easily create photographic evidence i have my daughter as its not hard for her to stand there holding a copy of today’s newspaper

Should i really need to stoop to such a poor level in order to prove that i have my daughter, why are CSA taking her word instantly rather than looking at the evidence that’s clearly available.

When you try and talk to CSA they seem to instantly not wish to talk to you unless they are taking your money.

I simply cant afford to be paying my ex more than i was already,

I have been with my new partner for some time and are planning on our own child so cannot be affording for my ex to be taking all that she is, if she is entitled to it then fine ill bite the bullet, but i only want to pay what i should.


  • Vic says:

    You need to be very careful friend as they are setting you up for a maximum 40% deductions from earnings order. If you have not got a signed receipt from your ex for every payment then as far as these monsters are concerned you have “arrears” and they then force your employer to deduct 40% from you net wages, it is there preferred method and the easiest way to add to their collection targets. They will not care a jot the effect this has on you and your new family, if they can get an extra pound out of you by all means foul they will. You need to see your MP ASAP to slow them down and force them to acknowledge your payments via your bank and force a proper and legal assessment out of them. If you do not they will royally fuck you. DO NOT deal with them on the phone they are incompetent liars unaware of child support law, insist on dealing with them in writing, the caliber of their staff is jaw droppingly bad. They recruit dullards deliberately as normal people would not do the job. MP, insist they deal with you in writing and keep meticulous records, never throw anything away or lose anything you send them or they send you. Always send stuff to them recorded delivery. Sorry if this sounds really negative but the CSA is government gone mad so if you can get back on track with your ex do it, pay a bit more, but for Gods sake make her personally sign for every penny.

  • terry norris says:

    I feel for the guys story entitled “ex lies to the csa”..and can only comment and side with you.You are 100% correct,the csa dont listen unless its about them taking your money,they absolutely DO NOT CARE about your side of the story even tho its is soo obviously true and even easier proved but its not in their interest to work on your side because it means THEY may not be able to steal as much money from your wages.And sorry your ex is user of a system that only works in their favour,of cause she will lie to the csa about you having your child every other week end….if she tells them the truth? she wont get as much money because your having her for regular overnights has a direct impact on the calculations.You..The csa are assholes and incompitent to boot,I am knew to this shit called the csa and my ex is filed a claim against me with these vultures and they claim I have to pay £320 a month,she wont get that amount,it depends on the lies she told them about benefits,but my guess is shes lied through her back teeth because shes good at that.Anyway I appealed..not that it will do any good..lol…they sent me the appeal letter and booklet about it along with the envelope to return the application and guess what?…no f****ing app form with it…lol…I rang them and it was promised to go out the same day….5days later it arrived,for to mention as well…theres a time limit in getting the application back..assholes…and they even spelt my name wrong on the envelope…so is this a sign of whats to come in the land of the csa?..I wish you luck my friend…I think we are all going to need it

  • Medley man says:

    How long roughly from 1st letter do csa arrest wages? I am willing to co-operate with them but from EVERYTHING I’ve read it seems if you do that then you get trampled on and quite frankly abused. I have stopped payments via direct transfer until this is sorted out, can’t believe what I’m reading.. I’m going to have to give up my career as a result of this, I have new family of 4 and 3 kids to my ex, I earn around 35k but have major expenses, I travel 250 miles a week to and from work, my wife a similar amount, my kids have been moved away from me 88 miles so that’s another 176 x 2 fortnightly as I have to collect and drop off, I simply cannot afford the 500 a month the calculator says I should pay, at present I pay 250 but also take kids holidays, have days out every fortnight, pay for swimming classes and dance classes and recently bought the family a new puppy for my kids, I even helped with school uniform costs only to find out 3 years later my ex gets £88 uniform vouchers!!! Every term…..I need to know when they arrest wages with no contact as next month I have big bonus coming and 40% off that is a lot lol. In meantime I’m gonna try arrange something with her but she is evil and spiteful and I don’t hold out much hope, anyone help?

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