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Ex lied to CSA so I pay more than I should

I have been paying more than my fair share of child support due to the fact my ex lied on the D.R.A. form stating she makes min. wage. How many home health care nurses do you know that work for min wage? i was injured on the job a little over a year ago and have a case pending settlement C.S.A. is going after.

I asked for a support review over a year ago and finally got it reduced problem is its based on a min wage job I still have no income and cant afford an attourney they refuse to go back and recalculate from the beginning even though she has lied all along I do not mind paying what i owe but i want a fair settlement and now they are going to take most if not all of the settlement for an un fair back child support amount they say i owe.

It would be nice to hear from a christian attourney that would work on payment after settlement as i have no income at this time i have also filed for disability.

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  1. When the NRP pays through the CSA after 2003 I am sure that it is 15% of their wages.It doesnt matter if the PWC is on minimum wage or not.The ex wife my husband pays to for his daughter is claiming Child Benefit,Working Tax,Poll Tax Reduction,Rent Reduction,Child Credit and two lots of Child Maintenance,oh and also works part time.She has a lot of money going into the home ,where as my husband and I have lots going out and we both work.My sons father pays me nothing but CSA are not bothered ,I had to cancel my claim after 5 months because he wasnt wanting to pay and it was only for £5.00.

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