Ex keeps quitting job each time I try to claim CSA

November 18, 2015

I have on several times tried to claim CSA, i have given them all the details of my ex partner on several occasions his work details and everything but soon as they get in touch with him he gives up his job. This as happened about 6 times so they should be prossecuting my ex partner. I would be greatful if you could open my case again for me to claim. Once again my ex has his own business with his partner and i have told CSA this but i have never heard anything back and this was about 8 months ago. please can you help?


  • jacqui says:

    You need to complain and follow the procedure on the government website. I have involved my MP as my ex has been doing exactly the same thus throwing my payments into arrears.

  • Franco Giavino says:

    Aww diddums…

    Whilst I believe that NRPS have an obligation to pay for their children, why should dads have to pay ridiculous amounts that the CSA want?
    Its money to provide for his child not for you to go out shopping or for nights out.

    Money orientated women ought to be prosecuted.

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