Ex keeps ducking the CSA and makes no attempt to see his kids

November 7, 2012

I have twins born in 2000. I split with there dad after an extremely volatile relationship. Csa took money from him and gave it to the government as I was on income support. Then when I started work I got a lump sum from them as a percentage was saved. Then I had a couple of months of regular payments.

Then the struggle started. Deductions from earnings orders were put in place and it ran smoothly again for a little while. Then he changed jobs, house etc and the csa stopped the payments as apparently it takes 12weeks for a change of circumstances to be looked into. Then another change was made and another 12weeks added on. Then the csa rules changed, yet mine stayed with old rules. Case was not allocated a case worker for a few months… Still no payments. I get told case is with the Bolton office. Speak to a case worker and get told they will look into my case and call me.

I wait for that call. I call back and I get apologise. I tell the csa that he is working, and is actively trying to dodge the csa, through cash in hand work etc generally trying to live under the radar. I give them all the info they ask for. Yet the phone calls and promises are not kept. The amount he owes goes up. They ring him and send him letters etc and he tells them that he would prefer to go to prison thn pay any money.

The csa STILL don’t prioritise. I keep up the calls. But get more apologise. A few years on they are 12 now. He owes £13900. They are having troubles with my case being sent on the enforcment. Fourthe last five months I have rang every week twice a week sometimes.

I get told the same thing, they will chase it up and call me. NO call is made. I ring up again and speak to supervisors and managers and get told they can’t do anything. My case is still not with enforcment. I feel im just told anything to silence me. I feel nobody wants to sort out my case. I get laughed at by him as the csa can’t touch him and he is getting away with it… He says he has £11000 in the bank and rising and a car and living the life.

He doesn’t see the kids makes no attempt. The family courts judge even said he was a waste of space and the kids deserved better. I thought the csa were put in place to help family’s… I feel nothing but let down.


  • Carol says:

    Write a formal letter of complaint and get your MP involved. Once they are involved you will be assigned one person to deal with within the Agency.

    CSA Bolton is an external company called Vertex Data Science which took on all clerical cases. If your case and the paperwork is anything like my partner’s then it will be a total disaster. You can get a copy of your CSA file from the Data Protection Unit, Newcastle for a small fee of £10 and this will show everything the CSA have done, which will help you with your complaint.

    CSA have powers to collect the money such as taking money direct from Bank accounts, DEO on salary if works with an employer, order over the house if he owns one. They can also check with HMRC where he is working etc.

    Keep complaining to the Agency until you are totally satisfied with the outcome.

  • karen bedford says:

    Would say the same as Carol above, if you want to join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies Failings and other groups to free advice and support from others in the same boat or what they have achieved in getting the support for their children

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