Ex keeps appealing the CSA’s decisions so I get no money

September 4, 2011

My Son involved in the case is 11 years old. My case was opened with the csa when he was approx 1 yr old. My ex partner was told to pay £75 per week as he was living with his parents. He complained bitterly and eventually I (foolishly) took the case away from the Csa and put a private agreement in place for £50 per week. He paid this for a couple of years then came up with the idea of putting £10 per week in the bank for our Son and he then would give me £40. I agreed and this continued for a few years and he complained regularly about the amount he was giving to me.

I was told that It was none of my business when I asked to see statements from the account, I discovered that the money was not going into the bank account for our Son and what had gone in he withdrew to pay for a holiday. Then he started missing payments for any reason and getting abusive if I called and said that the payment had not been received that week. He told me to contact the csa which I did in early May. Because the case with them had only been frozen from before they reopened the case immediately.

He turned nasty and started calling and standing on the doorstep being abusive, demanding that I took the case away from them and he would make sure that he paid far less than he had been paying me privately. He rightly asked for the case to be reviewed because his circumstances had changed over the years. He is self employed and owns his own home. Lives alone with no other children. He has told the Csa he will not be paying them anything until his review was completed, (He was putting the money in the bank each week to pay when the amount was decided) He was late sending his books into them. They gave him extra time and he missed the date. So they refused his appeal. He then relaunched the appeal and sent some paperwork in very late. They eventually made a decision on Aug 10th of £65 per week,they contacted him to inform him by letter and they called to collect payment and guess what he has gone into hiding. I was told by my officer that the amount stands and he must pay, she had sent it across to enforcement and not to worry.

I called again to see if payment had been made and was then told He had sent them a letter to say that he is appealing again and wont be paying! There is nothing they can do as it is being appealed again! I have to wait another 13 weeks!

Every time I call the Csa they tell me a different story on what is happening. The arrears amount keeps changing even though I have been told that The arrears from before the date of the last calculation still stand. I get told that it is with enforcement then its not..twice! Im told that the parent without care MUST still pay even though it is being reviewed again so why are they not chasing him for what he should be paying???

If he keeps on appealing I will never get any money from him for his Son. I am at the end of my tether..


  • sarah briers says:

    Getting the csa involved won’t get money for u ooops sorry your child they just take money away from absent fathers n u get benefits we can’t afford to give our kids anything cause of the robbing csa while ex wife can smoke n go on holidays so who’s better off

  • karen bedford says:

    Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failing and others for advice and support as this is more common than you know.

    Actually Sarah whilst you have a ‘beef’ with an ex wife, I have one with an ex who is a nrp and self employed too and never supported his children properly but I dont go around with a chip on my shoulder and say all self employed are the same as I know they are not.

  • loopyhels says:

    Actually Sarah I work full time (I claim no benefits,not even wtc) and have done since I left school. I support my children to the best of my ability. Why should absent parents not pay to support their children? Im sorry you have a problem but that is not the case with my case. Do not tar everyone with the same brush until you know the true facts. Oh and by the way I dont smoke or drink either!!!

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