Ex is on the dole and refuses to pay me for his daughter

June 4, 2012

I split up with my daughters father 12 years ago, and i have never got maintenance from him.

He has in the last few years started to give my daughter £20 per week which she uses for school dinners. After spliting with my daughter’s father i did get married and my husband provided for my daughter so i never bothered to go to csa before, but now i am single again and finding it hard to make ends meet. I have asked him to give me money but he says no and is on the dole.

Can i still put a claim in to csa if he is on the dole?


  • Alice says:

    If your ex is on the dole or claiming a benefit it will be £5.00 per week.The CSA will have it deducted from his benefits.My ex is claiming disability and this is what i should be getting from him. Are you claiming what you are owed,ie child benefit,poll tax benefit,child tax,rent benefit,JSA.If you do decideto go to the CSA then at least when you are in the system they will be able to check with your help if he becomes employed .Your daughter would also be intitled to free school dinners now your a single mum.You dont say how old the daughter is and if she is still in education.

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