Ex is lying about how much he earns

October 23, 2014

My husband and I separated in February. He has his own business and is paying the minimum he can based on web site calculator.

If I went to csa can they look into his bank accounts and spending because he is actually getting more cash money than he is letting on.

He is treating himself to fancy holidays to new York ect while I am on benefits with 3 kids.


  • Bill says:

    If you went to the CSA now the CMS they would first of all ask you to come to a private arrangement.
    Failing that they will ask for a fee on application and will go to HMRC for income information.
    They will only apply to look into bank accounts after many years of accrued arrears, avoidance and non compliance and that will be of no help to you now.
    If he is a director all accounts should be available from the companies house web site.

  • June B2310 says:

    I am disgusted by all the judgemental comments. I should not need to justify myself. I recently had to give up work due to ill health after paying into system for nearly 30yrs. I do not have nights out and sit about getting nails painted. Never have. I worked full time and brought up children to allow my husband to build up his business. Myself and the family made financial sacrifices. I asked a question looking for advice which no one has actually answered. Maybe those who are being so judgmental should look at their own lives and attitudes first.

  • Bill says:

    I thought I’d given rather a comprehensive answer!

  • June B2310 says:

    Yes thanks Bill. I was meaning all those who just comment needlessly.

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