Ex is avoiding CSA who will not help

September 24, 2015

I have tried to obtain money for the past 6 years for maintenance for my 2 children. Ex made himself bankrupt when we separated so he did not have to pay. I found out he was employed last year and got a minimum amount of maintenance for a year until the arrears of £10,000 caught up with him in June this year. He immediately gave up his job and is now claiming unemployment, however he is working as a subcontractor but the CSA state they cannot help, nor will they use the enforcement team. I am about to lose my home because of the debts that are piling up due to his lack of payment. How am I supposed to cope?


  • Gonk says:

    So let get this straight and sum up from reading your post. you base your entire debt fairly and squarely on your ex.
    You base your entire existence fairly and squarely down to your ex.
    You obviously think that your ex owes you a life and means of living it just because you are the mother of his child.
    You obviously intended to rely solely on csa and no other means of income like WORKING
    Lol….get a life and a job and stop expecting the ex to support you lock stock and barrel.
    Don’t tell me your debts are entirely his fault. People like you make me puke…maybe that’s why he avoids you and the csa like the plague….he knows he will have no life anymore after being bled to death by you and the csa. He should pay for his off spring but it has to be fair and still leave him enough to live on. He knows putting his hands up and paying will do him no favours at all and leave him penny less, he knows to, that you wouldn’t give a shit. I am wandering, did you buy the house or did he? You mention nothing about how,why you both broke up? Sounds a little one sided here. Don’t expect sympathy from many replies you might get as like mine. Give the full story and not just the one YOU want people to read in order to win sympathy votes.

  • King Canute says:

    They are not YOUR kids, you arrogant, fool. They are his too.

    Why don’t you get a job?

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