Ex is a millionaire but pays nothing to CSA

June 12, 2012

The father of my 4 year old daughter is a millionaire, he now has decided he wants too see her.

After 4 years of no payments I applied for maintenance payments. The C.S.A replied saying he earns nothing. I telephoned back and they said I had to provide evidence.

So I spent 3 weeks collating a A4 file which was so heavy with evidence it cost £7 to post! It included pictures of his 6 country houses, one been 5 bedrooms, swiss bank account and flight details. Race horses he owned and pays too be trained. Pictures off two of his race tracks. Council proof he had applied for planning permission and been successful in obtaining to build a massive building for his numerous sheep and horses, 30 stables, outdoor menage, round pen, horse walker. £20,000 dental bill for his teeth, £33,000 horse wagon, the list goes on.

The C.S.A wrote back and said they would not investigate and he has too pay nothing.


  • Alice says:

    Can you come to a private agreement now that you will be in contact due to him wanting to see his child.Start off with a reasonable amount (say £40 per week)get him to pay through a bank acount(stating it is CM).Meet him half way ,dont be greedy that you ask for too much at first,he will just dig his heels in even more.At the end of the day your daughter will get contact with her father which will benefit her in the long run.

  • Jane says:

    The reason I went to the C.S.A is because he would not agree to pay anything towards her. He has fiddled his accounts and puts things in his mothers name. I recently found out he did the same too his previous wife. he paid her £10 a week for two children. When I met him he said he bought her the house she lived in and she would not let him have contact with the children because she was using them as a weapon. I have found out it was due to violence and her mother bought her the house. He is just a convincing compulsive liar, Im putting in a complaint to C.S.A I’ll keep you posted how it goes.

  • chall says:


    Who’s name are the ‘6 country houses’ and ‘two race tracks’ in?

    Sending pictures may not be enough, have you been on the Land Registry website
    http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/public/faqs/how-do-i-find-out-who-owns-a-property-or-piece-of-land ?
    You can order a copy of the title deeds for £4 each.

    Assets over £65K can be looked at ( not including main family home) by way of a variation, but the NRP must have control of them.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Alice says:

    I am always polite to everyone on this forum,i do not point the finger at anyone ,be it NRP or the PWC.My husband is self employed and when his ex went to the CSA we just put everything on the table regardless and let the CSA get on with it.I have no idea how these NRP;s get away with not paying,I know that once you are in the system ,no way can you get out unscathed.We do not pay much £140 per month which happens to finish this month,(but I am also a PWC and I get nothing from his father for him)The daughter also gets pocket money from us .The ex gets child benefit,child tax,working tax ,poll tax benefit,rent paid 2x CM and does part time work.The daughter is 19 in July and the mother is going to lose nearly £500.00 a month ,arguments are rife in the home the daughter tells us.I hope you have success in getting money from him,you didnt tell the whole story,but now I understand were your coming from and yes please keep us posted on the outcome.

  • Jane says:

    Thanks for that Chall. No Alice I have not told the full story because I am worn out with it all, the court back him completely i.e I had to drive 1 1/2 hrs to a contact centre as he has a history of abuse. I said too the court who is going too pay for the diesel etc, they said it’s not about the money. So basically he gets too see his daughter with out paying a penny. My car has now blown up and if I don’t go to court over an hour away they will obviously prosecute. He didn’t even turn up at court he just sent his solicitor who he is privately paying for, I sent proof of this to the C.S.A, how does someone who declares he owns nothing pay for a solicitor? and why did he not turn up at court, he was in France buying race horses!!!!!!!!! The whole system stinks.

  • gemma says:

    its awful that he pays nothing but i thought the csa worked things out on what you earn and not what you have? if they look at assets over 65k then thats gr8 but if he has put everything in someelses name then i guess thats it as sad as it is, you’d think someone which that kind of life to offer would love to help raise their children financially as well as emotionally, lotsa of luck to the op x

  • Jane says:

    It goes on lifestyle inconsistant with income, so even though technically it doesn’t go on his assets, he can’t run a 5 bedroomed house and race horses etc off nothing. I am actually doing appeal now and it’s a joke now a look back at the evidence I have given. I never asked him for a penny in four years, but now he wants to see her, I have applied for maintenance.

  • Bel says:

    For the life of me I really cannot understand why the CSA has just dismissed this and refuse to investigate. I would demand that they put in writing their reasons for this explaining their criteria for refusing to investigate. When you revive there explanation I would appeal. It’s seems to me that they are not taking on board what you are saying. My ex boyfriend did everything in order to evade paying anything for his daughter from leaving a very well paid job to going to university to obtain a degree in what he was already doing as a job to then saying he earned next to nothing after finishing his degree. When I asked the CSA to look into his earnings they refused on the grounds that they had no proper evidence to say he was earning anymore than what he claimed to be earning part time. My maintenance went from £400 per month down to £5

    The thing was I knew In my heart that he could not survive on a part time job especially as he had a mortgage and was obviously not claiming benefits as he said he was working albeit part time employment. The CSA did say however if someone said that they knew he had a full time job as well as his part time job taking on this part time job to fool the CSA and they phoned me with this info, then I could phone back the CSA and they would investigate as this was classed as new information (hopefully you know what I am saying here) so I phoned them back a month later and said an anonymous person had phoned me and told me that my ex had full time employment as well as the part time employment and was only declaring the part time job knowing the CSA would not look any further. YES this was the extremes my ex was prepared to go so as not to pay a penny towards his daughter.

    RESULT oh yes and a good one. After my phone call they reinvestigated and well surprise surprise he was doing two jobs, one to keep the CSA off his back and the other to live a comfortable life style. He was ordered to pay the appropriate amount of child support plus arrears of 4 years giving my daughter over £800 for the next 3 years.

    So don’t give up and do what it takes to make this SOB pay financially for the support of your child

    The very best of luck and please let us know what happens

  • Bel says:

    Oops it was meant to read £800 per month

  • Jane says:

    I can’t understand it because when I rang them they said it was not their job too investigate. I said you only have to go to his house to see he earns a considerable amount to up keep it. He eventually put the phone down on me, I was not rude did not swear etc but he just did not have an answer. Honestly my file is so big with evidence, as I say even swiss bank account and flight details. I have appealed but I have little faith as I say even the court granted supervised contact with me paying all costs. I’ll see what happens.

  • Sandy Rowley says:

    I would like to lobby all of these episodes to parliament. My ex is a multi millionaire , or so I’m told. Yet the maintenance payments this month are Nil. I think that women should consider this; if you, like me, will be forced to consider Family Tax Credits, how will the Tax payers of this country feel about that?

    I would like to broadcast on national radio and tv what is actually happening to women in our society and perhaps men too; people who have essentially had children with very wealthy individuals, perhaps unaware of such wealth! None the less, they have parted, left with the precious children and broke! While the NRP, essentially carries on, constantly avoiding the CSA because they can!

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